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About This Tribe

Creating a tribe for experienced players that are willing to grind and stick to a specific specialization in order to become an alpha tribe. We are friendly and griefing is highly discouraged. If not experienced that is fined, but must be willing to listen to direction and guidance. Server is mainly NA but willing to accept international players in they can maintain a stable connection. Please feel free to join and comment in the tribe forum.


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  2. Hey guys I’m here looking for Allie’s for when ark ascension comes out and you guys seem like a nice trustworthy tribe with a respectful leader I don’t know if there is a way to contact people on here but this is the only way Ik how lol
  3. I’m hoping were all here trying to try to get aquatinted before moving to Ark Ascended where we can really go Hard! Outside of playing video games, I like skateboard and I manage a self storage facility for work. I come with my 14yo nephew as well.. 😅 We are both pretty good at everything on Ark. We are both super chill and keep it PG-13/TV14 PSN: Edskeet Discord: Edskeet#7925
  4. I’m 14 years old, from the Netherlands and have much experience. I listen to the leader and grind much. I like to join your server, here is my discord: krl_369. I have some questions, like the map you’re playing on so I hope you can add me as fast as possible. Bye

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