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I am trying to recruit ppl for ark pve because apes together strong add me on discord Uncle Dank#8845 also one last thing, no matter if ur 10 or 32 if u can play ark it doesn’t matter everyone is welcome


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hi, new to ARK. Been playing single player with about 100 hours played. Looking to go online now with a PVE group on steam. Age 32 and eastern time zone. Discord: Zoomer#9573
  3. Cheers, looking forward to see you guys in-game. Myself, I'm more of a newbie player, hardly ever got further than the stone-age so far If any crew is already up on The Island, please say which server and I'll gladly join.
  4. Herer is my discord so you can msg me RICHBOI#2417 add me
  5. ur discord didn't work so mines karratron#1246
  6. Your discord name is not working, here is mine !Big Boss Pitbull#0920
  7. Your Discord name is not working, so here is mine: MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA!!!!!#0287
  8. I'd like to join the PvE tribe if you guys are still interested, my discord is Kjet11#4945 add me if you want me, I have 1.5k hours all of it is pve and am just looking for a tribe now.
  9. Hello I would like to join the tribe. I am located at EET zone and I have already established a decent base on official Island map. If you want we can merger them since I am the only active tribe member.
  10. Hey if y'all guys have got Discord and a mic hit me up. Platform: PC PVE official Play time: EST 9pm to 2am Discord tag: Overwatch#6045
  11. Hey I would love to join what's the info so I can join
  12. Hey Guys, Just looking to get out of solo and join a PVE tribe... let me know if it's ok?

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