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About This Tribe

I am trying to recruit ppl for ark pve because apes together strong add me on discord Uncle Dank#8845 also one last thing, no matter if ur 10 or 32 if u can play ark it doesn’t matter everyone is welcome


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. if youre still down sure sorry for late reply my pc was broken
  3. i am looking for ark pve tribe membres please join my discord server for more deatales https://discord.gg/wy9RTAkK
  4. Hey idk if this tribe is still going or looking but if it isint would u be down to play some ark i also have no one to really play with in ark
  5. i would like to join a tribe any map just a tribe that is chill. i am well experienced in every part of it: grinding, farming etc just got no one to play with
  6. Looking for tribe PVE i have 400+ hours Discord - Intemize#2333
  7. Hello brother hope everything is well, i think im pretty late but worth the try, i was wondering if I could still join your tribe have over 1200-1500 hours played I haven’t played for over a year or two, my mates left the game and need i someone to play with, been up to date with whats goin on have most tek engrams on those days and pretty active. Discord: Bagarah#5397
  8. hey guys, ark gen 2 is out, ready for pve? add me on discord, ill create a server for the tribe, we can continue our work
  9. WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND LMFAO, i forgot this post existed, welp time for ark ladies n gents
  10. Hey I'm a lvl 98 builder and base management specialist looking for a tribe on gen 2. My discord is Momma4kidos#5250. I'm fairly active and have 2/3 tek engrams.
  11. Hey if you guys are still teaming up I would love to join you. My discord is Hexicell #9878
  12. im also looking to join a PVE tribe for gen 2 im level 131 have pretty much all of tek engrams etc my discord is rascalbunny52#8660
  13. if you want to play ark with me my discord is Littleshoey22 #4779
  14. hey im also looking forward to gen 2 and looking for some new tribemembers! msg me on discord Sugar Skull#7845
  15. Hey! im looking to start fresh on PVE official after splitting from some old tribe members. I'm looking forward to Gen 2 and would like to be ready for its release! Discord is Sugar Skull#7845 msg me!
  16. Hows it goin, lookin for official pve tribe to roll with for gen 2 release, I have over 2300 hours in the game but havnt played in months, lookin forward to genesis.
  17. Hey guys, Im not too new of a player just looking for people to play with instead of going solo on servers. my discord is Dirtymike#3789 If anyone is currently playing on a server let me know and Ill gladly join. I can do just about anything thats required i.e. farming, grinding, taming, etc...
  18. id like to join my discords DEADPOOL2187#7285
  19. Are you still looking for members? Me and a friend of mine are looking to join a PvE group. Discord: Lazarus#6556
  20. Hi, new to ARK. Been playing single player with about 100 hours played. Looking to go online now with a PVE group on steam. Age 32 and eastern time zone. Discord: Zoomer#9573
  21. Cheers, looking forward to see you guys in-game. Myself, I'm more of a newbie player, hardly ever got further than the stone-age so far If any crew is already up on The Island, please say which server and I'll gladly join.
  22. Herer is my discord so you can msg me RICHBOI#2417 add me
  23. ur discord didn't work so mines karratron#1246
  24. Your discord name is not working, here is mine !Big Boss Pitbull#0920
  25. Your Discord name is not working, so here is mine: MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA!!!!!#0287

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