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Starting fresh on official, looking to form a tribe of new friends. Looking for adult players with some experience that play with microphone and want to have a good time.


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  2. I have been playing Ark on and off lately soloing until I found a clan. I played the game regularly and created an alpha tribe during beta. but after that we stopped playing until now. No experience with the tek gear as I stopped playing before it was released. With all the new content out I wanted to play again. I enjoy building the most and then raiding and taming after that.
  3. Experienced survivor Adult ark player. Love to build defenses and fobs and build just in general. Favorite maps are extinction aberration and genesis. Just lost two characters but still have two. one Character with tek cave and multiple tek engrams the other has basic tek engrams and is a weight character. Hope I make the cut haha.
  4. Looking to join Hi, i've been playing ark for the last months, but now im on pvp servers, i noticed its very hard without a tribe. I haven't been in a tribe before, but im on ark a lot. So if you have a place for me in the tribe, i would be happy to join.

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