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{New Tribe} [Regular or Small Tribes (PVP)] [70% active] [No time Requirement] [Ranking Tribe based on Merit] [Mic need but not Required]


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Tell me about yourself, I used to play Ark all the time, but I had to quit because I had to focus on school. Summer is coming and I'm looking to start grinding again. Small Tribes or Regular Official? Either works for me. {Info(don't get to personal)} I can play whenever as its really the only game I enjoy. [Nickname (What You Wanna be Called)] Kath or Ninja works [Time Played (All Platforms)] PC 430 hours [Strengths] Great at foot PVP/Mana PVP, Excellent Farmer/Breeder, Flexible Play time, Active, Friendly, All DLC, 19 [Weaknesses] I hate tam
  3. i want to join the tribe, im a little less experianced than u guys, i plaed on ps4 for about 300 hrs and switched to pc last week. im a real grinder and want to grow a tribe so i can start getting better. i can do anything we need such as farming my discord kfclover030#1802
  4. Dude lets talk here https://discord.gg/xF6d49U2Cs
  5. Hi, i'm Adrakur looking for a tribe. Playing on smalltribes, have 1.3k on PC. I can play pretty much very roles (pvp, farming, taming, etc.), weakness is i don't have much experience with pvp. I want to join a tribe because it's sometimes i play smalltribes and can't start a decent base because every 2/3 days it gets destroyed.
  6. Hey I'm Sybil, and I'm looking for a tribe currently. I don't care how built up or how good, just want tribe members to grind with. I play on both Smalls and Official, and have 2000 hours (800 hours on Epic Games, 1200 on Steam) in total. I love to PvP and can fit in any role that's needed in a tribe (farming, taming, etc.). My main point for wanting to join is that I'm tired of playing solo for the past few months.
  7. Hi you can call me Temple and I love playing ark pvp I personally dont care what type of server I play on I have 1200 hours and I a great builder and tamer and I am decent at pvp.
  8. Get ready, We are picking on this day! -[Have a Description in Invite ] -[Add me on Discord: Birb#3794 ] -[Decently Leveled Character on Server Type {island note runs or just normal grinding} if not don't worry!]
  9. Why I should be invited -16 yrs old and can play pretty much all day atm -Dan or Daniel -1.5k hours -Farming resources and taming -Raiding on a large scale -Tired of only being able to reach a certain point while playing solos and would like to experience late game again with a tribe I can trust (Hopefully this one if there is room)
  10. Hey Im 24yo and from Eu I have about 1k hours ps4 +pc. i have every dlc besides genesis but will get it very soon. im very active and want come back to the game but got no friends playing it anymore. rly like the taming aspect and breeding of the game im good at everything besides buildings, got a fair amount of exp will be on 10h+ daily if you end up going for small tribes i want to join cause i really like this game but there is not much progress u can make as a solo. plus its more fun with teammates
  11. Why you should invite me. Whats up dude, hope your well in these times. I've got over 2k hours in ark over pc and ps4, I can play 8+ hours a day and am more than happy to grind doing any kind of stuff.
  12. Lfg Hi, me and my husband are looking to join a tribe. Looking for small tribes on official, pvp. Have been playing daily since January, and are on all day every day, gmt timezone. He loves raiding, I love breeding. Really want to get into a tribe so we can gain more knowledge and build up.

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