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Welcome to The Deathstalkers, you can play with us by joining the PS4 community : Ark Survival Evolved Tribe - The Deathstalkers. Here a small summary: This tribe is for players who want to have a lot fun with other players. If you are ready to play just type a message in the community and ask the other players respectfully to play with you. If you are too noisy in the community you will be kicked. Cheers Blumbo12


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hey I joined today as well, are you looking to play?
  3. looking to join Hi I'm looking to join a hard working tribe that also like to have fun, I am lvl 84, I've been playing some months now and know my around the Island, somewhat of rag and Ab. I'm a hard working all rounder, so I can scout, tame, breed, farm and fight.
  4. Looking to join Have experience just not on every map need time to grow tired of getting wiped please help ive maxed out solo accounts but cant find a good official
  5. I'm also looking to join fairly new have all content max level on my non dedicated trying to move to official but keep getting wiped hoping to help build a better world for us all to play in ok h and I do love pvp I just dont see the point in wiping early game bobs
  6. I am looking to join I am looking to join a clan I can play for a few hours straight on a Saturday and Sunday and maybe a bit on other days i don’t have much experience in tribes but I can grind
  7. I am looking to join I have no experience on true ark official but have played lots of official small tribes and on crossark. I am busy most days early. But from evening on I should be able to grind.
  8. Would love to join Looking for an active tribe wondering what server you guys on and what are the rates
  9. Looking to Join Hey! Been playing solo for a few years, just getting tired of getting wiped out and building back up every few days. Intrested in joining your tribe and playing with you all if you've got the room.
  10. Update The following update: - I have Playstation Plus acces, so I can play online now. - I made a Playstation community: Ark Survival Evolved Tribe - The Deathstalkers - Moderators needed for the community, if you are ready to be one message me! - If you have any other questions you can ask them in the community. See you soon!

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