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About This Tribe

Welcome to The Deathstalkers, you can play with us by joining the PS4 community : Ark Survival Evolved Tribe - The Deathstalkers. Here a small summary: This tribe is for players who want to have a lot fun with other players. If you are ready to play just type a message in the community and ask the other players respectfully to play with you. If you are too noisy in the community you will be kicked. Cheers Blumbo12


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hi Everyone. I just found you guys and you seem like a good fit. hoping to have some fun in ark again. psn is mickey_dgi hit me up
  3. I would like to join the tribe because I ha e always wanted to join a mega
  4. yall still looking for a tribe?
  5. Down for whatever. Lets play! PSN: Nyerkes Discord: Tookey#3237
  6. Hello! I've played ark with my husband and his dad for two years and we are looking for a fun tribe to join. We are just coming off of a break from playing the game. My pin is smartturkey382 and my husband's is tristin24kg

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