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Looking for tribe Member - breeders/farmers/tamers/pvpers/builders. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you. https://discord.gg/9jm5BQ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is for members who are In the tribe or players considering Joining. Check out the Other Dark star Imperium for Information or ask Inside the discord - https://discord.gg/vnwpDa5 . As a Meritocracy, our community is built around the collective individual efforts of our members. Everyone within the Imperium has to earn their way from the bottom. Anything you want to achieve in a gaming community is within reach in the Imperium if you put in the hard work and determination. We dabble in all things, but "PvP/combat" is at our core. We are not just a PvP clan but a community with a passion for originality and creativity. We play just about everything and when it comes to establishing supremacy on the virtual battlefield we strive to excel in all aspects of warfare.


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  2. Hello , My name is Titan. I am 27 years old and i come from the Netherlands. (EU) I just decided too quit on Official Hardcore because it wasnt that fun to play anymore. I have 5239 Hours on steam itself and also own all the dlc's including genesis part 2 for the future. My expertises are farming/building/defence, I am trying too learn a bit more about breeding tho. I am in possession off a mic and I can speak English pretty well. I hope you guys consider my application and if you do please contact me on discord: Titan#4135.
  3. Hey i'm Aimie, I have about 600 hrs in game experience on pvp official servers on pc! I am mostly experienced at breeding / farming / taming and pvp. Im 28 years old and from Alberta in Canada. Yes its freakin cold here! Looking for a chill tribe to vibe with and hopefully make some good friends / bonds . Look foreward to hearing back from you!
  4. Hello! I am 20 years old, I have about 1.4k hours played on ark. However, all of them have been obtained on the Xbox. Therefore I'm really looking forward to playing this game on PC. FYI I'm terrible at building, but when it comes to grinding you can sign me up. I play video games everyday that I'm not working. If I do work I will be on right after work. If you have any questions for me please contact me at Bleached Sharky#8482
  5. Hello, Looking to join your tribe after a short break from ark. I have over 1k hours on mostly small tribes official. I would need to make a new character if accepted but I am familiar with quick leveling methods. Time zone is EST and I am available to hop on an defend most hours of the day even if I'm offline. Discord is Zelockflows#0236 Let me know if you are interested, Thanks
  6. 1000+ hours on PVE extinction theisland Crstalisles valguero New to the PVP. Got some good stat dinos from friends and tried to play solo. too hard to raid alone on pvp official. Lvl 96 character on pvp official servers Dm me on discord if still recruiting TheAwesome#1581
  7. Good afternoon, I am hoping to join your tribe I am lvl 83 I currently am on crystal isle small tribes 120 but I was ragnarok small tribes 113 I think, I have played alot of solo and Xbox, currently got bored of playing solo and joined the pvp servers and having a hard time playing by myself I would love to actually play the game instead of rebuilding every few days. My discord is Rake#2062

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