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(PS4)At some point all had to start somehow so are we.We are recruiting and looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped on official. Come and join us! Achieve greatness! All for one and One for all is our motto. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together!


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  2. Hi guys, i am 30 yo, lvl. 91. Base in crystal isles, my friends don t play anymore. Thanks
  3. Hi My name is Lincoln I'm 14 I have been playing ark since 2018. I have played a little solo pvp but mostly pve. I would like to start playing PVP though I haven't played PVP with a tribe yet. I have a lot of free time so I would be very active. I have a discord My ign is Lincoln#5395 my psn is Lincoln_TLG. Thanks for your time please get back asap.
  4. Hello. I am also looking for a tribe to join with my husband and his dad. We have played almost two years and really want to get back in the game after a break. We don't mind grinding and like to breed. My pin is smartturkey382 and my husband's is tristin24kg
  5. Hello I have been playing ark for 3 years now I'm 16 I was included in sc recruitment servers before so I'm not new too this if you want too contact me at all my psn is notlivingwaterz
  6. I'm 16 years old I've been playing ark for a long time. I'm pretty experianced and have played on all the maps. I'd have to start a new survivor so lvl 0 but I can grind structures to levels up. Very good at pvp. psn: Abuehler5855
  7. Hi, I’m 16, I’ve never been in a tribe and I’ve been playing ark on and off for a few years so I’m pretty ok at the basics but I still have some learning to do. my psn is: Resolvedpants17
  8. please when you txt your aplication leave discord name or psn so that we can reach out to you if you dont cheking back and whitout gaving your contac name we cant reach out to you
  9. Hey man, Still looking to join yall If u are interested friend me my psn is bastientheman
  10. 500 hour playing ark 15 years old from spain actually play official pve level 50maybe I dont remember
  11. Hi there are 2 of us, age 26 and 28. We have played since the game launch for over 10k hours. We are experienced in all roles. We never really went for rolls since you need to be versed in everything to succeed. We played with quite a few tribes over the years. Once I played with last time was Father Ark first as allies then we merged. We were part of the mega tribe TU back in the day. We were a part of Salt Team 6. I can't remember any others but we usually left due to tribe drama and we don't really want to play with a bunch of drama, a few times we left due to burnout. Hit me up if you are
  12. hi, me and me friend we would like to join ur tribe im lvl 78 and he's lvl 82. We are tired of getting raid so we're looking for a tribe.
  13. Hi zikosHR, To be honest, its been a while since I really grinded ARK. About 3 or 4 years ago, we grinded this game for over 1500 hours. Got our own 'big tribe' on an official server, with about 7 RL friends. We stopped cuz we got raided hard, after another member did some thrash talking on a Scorched server. Right now I'm almost 30 years old, got a serious life and job. I aint got the time to play 6 hours straight a day. But surely will play atleast that amount each week. I'm from Amsterdam, Netherlands - so GMT+1. My skill is in brainless farming and building, thats what I love. I
  14. Hey man, I'm 15 from Australia, I'm mature and will pull my weight in the tribe, i understand that new players are mean't to farm a lot but i ain't no one bitch,i expect to be lvl 1 recruit which is completely fine but if all i don in the tribe is just farm then i wouldn't like to join. Ps Lvl 104 Majority tek engrams
  15. si conosco pero paramq queres,el mio es Renato Maguiña
  16. do you know any eng broo, your psn?
  17. i am on plus}+ but i can level quickly . l idk what a psn is .
  18. tengo 14 años , a pesar de mi edad se como va esto del ark juego PVE oficial level 76 ,voy jugando mas de 2 años
  19. I'm 23 the other 2 guys are 22 and 23. levels are 84,85,89. the only tribe we have been in is the three of us and we left from out base being raided by and alpha tribe. we are looking for strength in numbers because we lost the battle from a sheer lack of numbers to defend. our expierence is ok we have only played two servers the 1st to learn and the second we made it far but the alpha tribe must have decided our base had grown enough. we have plenty of good tames just looking for more people to fight alongside us and grind to the top. we all have discord and we play late at night from 10pm t
  20. My age is 28 my level is 95 I've never been a part of a big tribe usually 2- 4 people I'm not technically leaving the tribe. Mates just got tired of being raided. I've been playing ark off and on for 3 years I love breeding and farming and good at building and taming. I have all DLC except scorched. I also have a mic so I can talk too. If you think I would make a good fit or have more questions feel free to message me on my psn shylynn420 or discord shylynn420#8656 Thank you for your time.
  21. im looking for a tribe, official pvp, im solo at the moment. is there a discord or something? 19 years old GMT llvl 49 (im switching over of boosted to official) Boosted was to easy at a moment. I like grinding, breeding psn; Arkraidernl disc: Bart#9356

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