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(PS4)At some point all had to start somehow so are we.We are recruiting and looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped on official. Come and join us! Achieve greatness! All for one and One for all is our motto. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together! TO reach out to me leave apply here or reach out o me at dc GigaMunchedMe#3866!!!!!!


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  2. Hey I'm trying to get a group of people together for a tribe
  3. My psn is Dreadful-Agent, im 30 years old. I've been playing mostly solo for 5 months and I need a tribe to do boss fights and OSD drops. I have my own tames and im currently breeding solo and it would be nice to have a group to play with. I was in a large tribe that got raided and then everyone went there seperate ways.
  4. Im 17 with all dlcs active when im not working I love the grind but need a tribe that can back me up so all I build up is not lost is a single raid.
  5. i txted to Water4all but no1 replayed if its wrong psn you need to leave something so i can reach out to you
  6. Hi I’m Victoria, Gamer Platinum_blond66 I’m from England, been playing for a number of years now I’m at lvl 141, I have a 2nd character that I use as my crafter. I work nights at the weekend Friday to Sunday and gaming Monday to Thursday, I not had that much practice at land pvp but I am good at defending and cave pvp, I was one of admin in my last tribe and I understand how important no matter big or small the job is to a tribe. farming I don’t know if this is sad to say but do to get some enjoyment out of it lol timing and breeding I have a good number of dinos and eggs on me
  7. suppose that means I didn't make the cut? I've got all dlcs and am a very serious player.
  8. Hi, I’m jay I am 17 years old lvl 76 with some tekgrams. My psn is : SporkLicker406
  9. I used to play small tribes which I was in a 6 man and had shadow cave and lunar cave which was never wiped. I have over 2000hours and all dlc except scorched. I am also a really big farmer and would be ok with helping breeding.
  10. Hey, I'm currently lvl88 playing on genesis small tribes. I'm solo and have not been found yet. Racked up some loot and realize I have no room for anything. I have lots of experience. Played off and on and remember the days before tech. I enjoy the mundain like farming (X PLANTS- CROPS FOR KIBBLE) /breeding and over all upkeep, but can kick ass in a raid as well. I am 31 years old USA. Let me know if you're interested. Water4all
  11. Been playing over 2 years and have been in 2 mega tribes different branches of sc and just recently got back into ark very good at pvp and grinding
  12. Hey I haven't been in a tribe before, just enjoying solo but sick of being straight up slaughtered. Keen to bring whatever the tribe needs to thrive and grow
  13. Too I'm 23, british. Never been in a tribe before always played solo pvp and it's getting Abit annoying haha. Can grind out all day and tame for hours also but my expert is only around 500 hours but I play very regularly
  14. Hi I’m 23, lvl 83, I played Ark since day 1 on Xbox and finally redownloaded it on the PS4. I been wiped a few times but always grind back up. I gather resources and tame dinos faster than it takes for your McDonald’s order to get made. I got a tribe of 4 we are just looking to tribe up and get this Mooney before ark numero 2 comes out. PSN: Nippygibby
  15. Hi, I'm 21 Years old, level 90, I've been playing ark since it came to ps4, I normally ran with some friends but they all recently decided to stop playing, and playing solo is no fun to me. so I decided to look for a tribe to join that i could play the game/Grind/Breed whatever needs to be done, that's what i love about the game after all, (I will also be joining with my own tames and stuff, i'm just looking for people to play with, my PSN is Wild_Tyles and My Discord is WildTyles#8239
  16. Hey everyone I’m a level 87 player been solo from the beginning looking for an easy going clan to play and have fun with on most evenings after work being solo looking to build a decent and established tribe
  17. Hello im interested in joining a consistent tribe im 27 years old, level 99. im online 8+ hours a day, hardcore raider, grinder, tamer. Ive always been solo or in small tribes with personal friends and im just looking to move on to something bigger. Im super chill and laid back person. Im just looking for dedicated tribe to call home. My PSN "ZombOptic"
  18. Yo yo. Sorry I've been checking my emails expecting a notification! My psn is WearyFoal430212. I'm now lvl 95. Raided last night and tired of solo mire than ever haha. Add me as a friend and send me a message!
  19. Hey how’s it going! My names Derick, I am 14, level 100 and over in the next couple days I’m from Canada and I’m on PS4, I would love to join, I’m good for anything really when you need me I’m there XD whenever and wherever I could play up to 10 hours a day, you want resources that won’t be a problem for me just send me off with a list and I’ll come back full! Grinding is my thing let me know as soon as possible and we’ll get down to business XD No job is to big and no task is to small I can assure that you could count on me I guarantee it XD
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