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(PS4)At some point all had to start somehow so are we.We are recruiting and looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped on official. Come and join us! Achieve greatness! All for one and One for all is our motto. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together! TO reach out to me leave apply here or reach out o me at dc Carnage#3866!!!!!!


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  2. i’m 17, (lvl 91)i’ve only been in tribes with IRLs and i haven’t played in a while because we got wiped and just got motivated to play but nobody has time. I’ve played ark since it came out pretty good farming
  3. Im 19, level 82 I believe. Have not been in any huge tribes and I left to take a break from ark for a bit. I've played ARK a lot, mostly on ragnarok and abberation, I played a good amount of official but nothing huge but I am knowledgeable about breeding,taming etc.
  4. i cant send you txt do to your settings so you need to txt me
  5. Experience player stop playing since 2018 due to ps4 broke down. Want to start playing but it's no fun playing as alone. My old tribe disbanded after everyone stopped playing.
  6. 38 years young, small streamer taking a break from streaming due to health problems. ARK player for about 2 months, all DLC except the latest's. never played in a Tribe as was recording, LVL 80 mainly interested in PVE , so good for Base work, breeding (still learning Smart breading) fine with doing some grinding of mats, and making components etc mostly played the island but solo hap played a little on most of the other maps, stoped playing due to server lag and a tribe driving a Giga into my base. PSN: gen3cho_82
  7. Hi I'm 26 years old and I've been playing ark for about 2 years now with a friend on a rented server. We started PvP couple of days ago but keep getting raided. So I don't really have a lot to offer yet except enthusiasm and a lot of time
  8. I'm 23, quit ark after the my old tribe got raided and wanted to switch servers, and they were doing like hierarchy system and I wasn't about that on top of the toxic environment that is ark. Came back into ark looking for a new journey, I'm lvl 89 currently and playing on rag server solo. Don't really want to continue to play solo to tedious no community.
  9. I would like to join this tribe because im decent at the game and can play the game on a regular basses. I also like how your community is still active in 2021
  10. Im 16 years old almost 17 Im level 61 but the max level i have ever been on official is 101, i know how the game work I like to farm resource and tame A few month ago i was in a big alpha tribe and we got wipe, my friend stopped playing I would like to help Timezone: eastern standart Psn: MrFox5428
  11. My psn is Dominator2723 and I recently got he game with all the dlc except for genesis and I'm looking for a Home server to have a base set up and help the tribe
  12. Hey, I used to play this game a lot last year, I wanted to get back into it and have some fun!
  13. 35. Never been in an actual tribe. I’ve played on a private server with a few friends, took a break, wanting to try the tribe life

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