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(PS4)At some point all had to start somehow so are we.We are recruiting and looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped on official. Come and join us! Achieve greatness! All for one and One for all is our motto. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together!


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  2. si conosco pero paramq queres,el mio es Renato Maguiña
  3. do you know any eng broo, your psn?
  4. i am on plus}+ but i can level quickly . l idk what a psn is .
  5. tengo 14 años , a pesar de mi edad se como va esto del ark juego PVE oficial level 76 ,voy jugando mas de 2 años
  6. I'm 23 the other 2 guys are 22 and 23. levels are 84,85,89. the only tribe we have been in is the three of us and we left from out base being raided by and alpha tribe. we are looking for strength in numbers because we lost the battle from a sheer lack of numbers to defend. our expierence is ok we have only played two servers the 1st to learn and the second we made it far but the alpha tribe must have decided our base had grown enough. we have plenty of good tames just looking for more people to fight alongside us and grind to the top. we all have discord and we play late at night from 10pm t
  7. My age is 28 my level is 95 I've never been a part of a big tribe usually 2- 4 people I'm not technically leaving the tribe. Mates just got tired of being raided. I've been playing ark off and on for 3 years I love breeding and farming and good at building and taming. I have all DLC except scorched. I also have a mic so I can talk too. If you think I would make a good fit or have more questions feel free to message me on my psn shylynn420 or discord shylynn420#8656 Thank you for your time.
  8. im looking for a tribe, official pvp, im solo at the moment. is there a discord or something? 19 years old GMT llvl 49 (im switching over of boosted to official) Boosted was to easy at a moment. I like grinding, breeding psn; Arkraidernl disc: Bart#9356
  9. okay what relm do you play .i want to join your tribe on ps4 what expancttion
  10. I’m 24, I can play mostly everyday for a good amount of hours, I got a good couple hundred hours into the game, been playing for a couple years, just got wiped of clusters unofficial because of server wipe but I’m tired of playing solos, need some great people to play with! My psn name is Bigpapii6996, would love to join y’all!
  11. hey, I am 21, live in Australia, have around 700h of game play from pc and xbox, playing pc now, played mostly solo but was apart of a tribe a while ago, discord is denton46#1127 give me an add, would love to join your tribe
  12. Adult, no tribes before, no dlcs i still need to learn, but i know how to pvp and how to grind explosives, tame some things. Psn Bacek12
  13. Adult player , UK timezone, enjoy farming,grinding ,taming,have been playing small tribes so cant remember official level.can level up easily tho if I cant find char.need active tribe.cheers
  14. how old you yre?time zone?lvl?Previous tribe (most recent) and why left?good at?psn or discord?

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