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(PS4)Tell us about yourself: PSN, in game name, Lvl, age, timezone, any tek, past tribes and servers you been. We openly recruit loyal, active ppl. If you wont farm, wont be active dont even apply we dont like slackers. There are multiple tribes you can come in depends which one picks you. Dont be insider and you will find home here. TO reach out leave apply here or reach out to Dodo Lord#3782!!!!!


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  2. I have been playing ark on the Xbox one since before the scorched Earth DLC. I recently got a PS4 and want to get back on Official. I will spend all my free time breeding mutations. It's my favorite thing to do in ark. My name Is Zedd in game. I don't have a survivor on Ps4 yet, but I can do a note run and get around 85-90 before I join. I am 24.
  3. 18, havent been in a real tribe in 2 years currently restarted lvl 75 have genesis dlc play 3-6 hours a day can tame,craft,build,breed - Eastern time zone psn-bigdaddy8769101
  4. Hello I would love to join your tribe I am 26 years old I was in a whitwalkers tribe I left because they became toxic I have 8 years experience on ark and I am a returning player
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