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(PS4)Tell us about yourself: PSN, in game name, Lvl, age, timezone, any tek, past tribes and servers you been. We openly recruit loyal, active ppl. If you wont farm, wont be active dont even apply we dont like slackers. There are multiple tribes you can come in depends which one picks you. Dont be insider and you will find home here. TO reach out leave apply here or reach out the post man (sorry bro hhh) JohnWick#3782!!!!!


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  2. Hi All, I wish to find a friendly tribe whose up for a fresh (or freshish) map in Ark. I'm great at building bases and enjoy grinding for raw mats. Friendly and upbeat. English speaking. They key thing I am looking for is a fun group to play with. i have loads of time on my hands for the forseable future so let me know :)
  3. I have been back for about 2 weeks from a long break, played mostly during SE and Rag. In the last 2 weeks I have setup and got to lvl 101. Mature player and have experience with medium sized tribes. Mostly played solo but burnt out on having to do all the grinding, breeding and defense solo. I really love to raid and take down bases and run defense. Have a large list of my own tames already and looking for somewhere to get into more epic battles. I generally play about 5-8 hours a day right now, and play later in the day and usually early AM. Have boss experience on older character (I can't f
  4. My age is 19 my old tribe was very toxic and treated me like a salve I been playing for 2 3 years and I’m a good farmer and great a raising thing and love to raid pvp isn’t great but getting better username coolbrocarter
  5. Hi I’m zaedyn i live in Australia I’ve played on and off for 3 years I can be very helpful because I love building, pvp and hatching eggs and I play every day my ps5 user name is KING_ZAEZZAE thanks zaedyn
  6. User name on ps5 KING_ZAEZZAE I’ve played on and off for 3 years I’m from Australia and I love to help around the bace
  7. If you are still looking for a tribe let me know psn id is El_cid0913
  8. If you are still looking for a tribe let me know psn id is El_cid0913
  9. If you are still looking for a tribe let me know psn id is El_cid0913
  10. If you are still looking for a tribe let me know psn id is El_cid0913
  11. If you are still looking for a tribe let me know psn id is El_cid0913
  12. If you are still looking for a tribe let me know psn id is El_cid0913 I sent you a friend request on psn
  13. If you are still looking for a tribe let me know psn id is El_cid0913
  14. Hannes142, playing the game for 2 years but get killed everytime by a big tribe. I’m lvl 70 at the moment, i enjoy playing the game like it is without all the big tribe killing You. im 23 and from EU and i can play pretty much and I got all the DLC, only not the last one gen2
  15. Hey my PSN is crazysmartass09. I am 34 years old and have thousands of hours on ark. I am from usa EST timezone and play 5+ hours a day. I farm most servers and breed often too. I was insided by a so called ally and lost all my stuff. I am only level 88 no bosses i lost my main. There is so many raiders patrolling lately i feel being in a large group is best. I am a honest mature player and follow rules. My older brother might want to join if i do. Please consider me i would help you grow.
  16. remember me? can i join back? i was tired of the game but now im starting to play again.
  17. Any1 in need of tribe we offering you a home. Genesis 2 map fresh new tribe started 2 days ago looking for active, loyal tribe members to build up and expand in future. Dm JohnWick#3782
  18. My PSN is Tobinger75 Im 17 years old and playin ark since 2 years. Lost my official Charakter because aof playin much unofficial. Im from Germany but can speak english very Well. If you are interested in me add me on PSN
  19. dont forget to give psn or discord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Hello I am 15 I am a hard grinder I am on for almost the whole day I am level 132 and have alpha vagero beta abartion and alpha gen 1
  21. Hey I’m a ps4 player on ark, I’m lvl 99, always active and ready to grind whatever, I was previously in a tribe called shadow clan that has now gone inactive and looking for a tribe to join, please message me as I’m looking for a new tribe to join and grind out thanks!
  22. Hi the names Benny but my ark character is i3ennyboi I'm 36years of age, My ark character lvl is 105 main. And second is i think for crafting as i'm working on him he's lvl60 something or possibly 70ish. I was i think part of a mega Mega before called the Tink tribe on 1127 Val map but i left due to too many insiders then we had the big war which i wasn't there for. So after abit of a break i asked a mate Tink to get me into one of hs tribes which was wldd I eventually joined and was joined up on multiple servers but i made a mistake and went on holiday without letting anyone fro the tribe kn
  23. I’m lvl 83 I love playing ark and have always wanted to join a mega played in multiple alphas had ally’s with mega S but never played in one so it would be awesome to be in one discord is tubz26#3752 and my psn is Tubz2460
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