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I can’t play with other people so this is really just a chat, join only if you want!


Nintendo Switch
  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. dont even start, albert einstein
  3. oh, that. i remember now. thanks
  4. Like for example in a part of American it’s 2:30 AM and in a part of Europe its 6:30 AM, we use “time zone” to describe which t8me it is, So I could say that you are in that part of Europe so whatever time it is here, it’s 4 hours later for you, this is like that cus the earth is not flat, and so, when the sun is shining on one side that side is “day” and when the earth rotates that side is “night” and the other side is “day” now insted of having like a million time zones for each minute we divided it into 1 hour segments, called time zones, and each time zone has a name, and each one is one hour less or more than the last. The inter web has a better discritption,..
  5. still dont know what you mean by that, then
  6. Also Tek gravity grenade, they are like useless but load six in a grenade launcher and everything flys into it.
  7. also, what do you mean by "time zone"? i mean, right now its 2:04 P.M. for me
  8. I'd have to say tek sniper - I LOVE WRECKING FACE FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL!!! them dinos better watch out, they be sniped any second then XD
  9. favorite weapon ok that is hard. I love the bows.... so IDK
  10. oh... ok just wondering cuz you all respond when im sleeping generally.
  11. what do you mean "oof"? I'm just a mood-picky person, if you get what i mean
  12. I am: not saying for privacy reasons.
  13. Timezones what are your time zones? I am EST
  14. I mean, your not wrong. I change my name in games like shell shockers WAYYYYYY too often
  15. nope, My siblings, friends, and parents can confirm that!! usually depends on my mood
  16. Magmasaur can you like not make up your mind on your profile pic?
  17. I can’t wait to try out the gen creatures but I’m not so exited about the map, or space whale for that fact, I don’t PVP...
  18. dunno, I think extinction will be my favorite map till we release Oceania(mod I’m making)

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