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The Lost

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PS4, Offical. The beginning of a fresh tribe, get in now to be apart of the beginning and push the tribe in the direction you want. Not open to beginners, please only join if you are serious about playing. Add me on discord: denton46#1127


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Are u still taking new members I am level 116 and have most of the tek stuff was about of sc witch is space cowboy and was a member of the circle of 9 496 and 975 where both the sever names
  3. Yo could I join the tribe I got 4K hours 8 hours daily good at everything Na not a noob I have been in a lot of mega tribes and a lot of small tribes
  4. hey man i saw ur add looking for new people im pretty new to the game about 1 month playing had it for about 6 or so but didnt touch the game after i played the singleplayer to a fabricator n made weapons got bored im learning alot really fast and had alot of bad experiences with tribes but i gather this will be no issue for u guys im a very good team player i follow instructions and learn quickly im busy this week coz of a rental inspection and psych appointment but i can be on almost 24/7 i have a lvl 67? a bit higher character but thats coz i had to start over and over again coz of problems
  5. Hello i was wondering if yall are still accepting people? I have over 3k hours on this game and im lvl 118. I want to start playing again especially because there is a new map coming out in less than 2 weeks.
  6. is your tribe still accepting new members? if so i am interested in joining. Me and my wife both work from home so i am online 3-5 hours a day sometimes more and my schedule is very flexible. ive mostly played solo for the last 6 months. im a level 91 and ive once again had all my dinos and my mek killed or stolen and base demolished so im looking to join a good tribe that is active.
  7. PSN cakebauus (me) and teamhultz (buddy) 31 & 34 years old We have both played for years on and off but have been back at it because of Covid and really enjoying it Max level 90s We have always just gamed together without a tribe so we are really good at the beginning and mid level game lol but we want to experience the higher level aspects of the game now. Figured there would be strength in numbers and can maybe avoid inevitably getting wiped while offline. We're competent players and definitely happy to help with tribe goals. We do have jobs and a fair bit of responsibi
  8. Im 30 years old, I play regularly im lvl 101 and im not naked. I can hold my own in pvp and I can grind like a mofo. I want to do boss fights.
  9. im a experienced player and been playing for over two years im good at taming and building im free to play on thursday and saturday at pm to 4:30pm to 6:00 my psn is geo2x1427 and discord astro1427#9352
  10. Greetings. I have stumbled upon your tribe and am interested in joining. I have played about 700 hours of ark, mostly solo on official pvp (ps4) but I am quite tired of it and that's why I am here. I can offer about 3 hours in game on weekends and 1:30 to 2 hours on weekdays due to limitations by school. Im decent at pvp especially with the simple pistol but I am more useful when taming creatures and doing metal runs. My username on ps4 is Loby99988 and my discord is Lobyus#7961. Please do not hesitate to contact me if need be.
  11. what's up guys, I'm XdulinX, I play on xbox and pc or steam. If you can look at my account on XBL you'll see that I have 2,000 hrs + on ark. I'm a alpha slayer and grinder! I like to play PVP! Offical is the route I want to go but if you want to go unofficial before official, we can get it either way! I just want to join and get back in to the game.
  12. Hi, I have 1,5k hours in the ARK I want to join the tribe, before that I almost always played alone and got tired of it Dmitri#7439
  13. Hey team, interested in joining. I have roughly 896 hours on steam and I've been playing on and off since early access launch in 2015.
  14. I have 50 days on xbox ark and 400 hours on PC ark, I know what im doing, I have a working mic and can be very active, mostly during weekends. My discord is Capstar#8609 and my steam is https://steamcommunity.com/id/rekt_heist/ Also im not a squeaker, if thats a plus
  15. I have played on and off since the beta on xbox. I recently switched to pc but have been playing solo or on single player. I have been in smaller tribes before on xbox. Im good at farming, taming, and decent at building and pvp. Im 27 M from Ohio normally on after 5pm EST, but more active on weekends. I have all DLC but have spent most my time on the island or center. Look forward to playing with some new people!
  16. Hey Guys. I have over 300 Hours in the regular solo player maps but never tried the multiplayer. Hopefully it's as fun as people say
  17. Hello My name is Hyper I have played ark since it was in game preview on Xbox since then ive been in a couple big official tribes its been fun on Xbox but I'm looking for steam official sweaty fights and better lines and because I love pvp i know pretty much everything about ark pvp. Thanks for taking time to read 1.3k hours Im 17 Canada NA Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198209021088/ Discord: Hyper#9766
  18. Hey I'm just looking for a new tribe to join, I usually play solo PvP and have 300 hours on ark and 300 on rust, I sent you a friend request on discord as well
  19. i have 700+ hrs in pvp i play a lot i will help you with breeding taming building a base whatever you want if i can join add my discord dandaman #3502
  20. Currently on PC and have extensive experience from PS4, recently started playing on PC. Extensive knowledge on building and breeding and would like to join a tribe that is 18+ if possible. A family atmosphere would also be appreciated. I am 27, live in Alabama USA (CST time zone), and work in banking (armor stats are also my thing). If any other information is required please reach out to me via discord at lydia_grey#8661.

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