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I just recently got ark on pc and im lookin to sweat it out again, i owned it on ps4 and played it heavily till the og servers were turned to the legacy then a few months later came back in played in a mega tribe for a short time before gettin wiped. Im somewhat experienced i had knowledge up to my retirement(I doubt ark done much to change) and i know to keep my mouth shut lol. ive been playing on unofficial but miss the friendship that came with a big tribe and the fun times id have with people across the globe. I will do anything i enjoy all aspects of ark so i dont mind sitting back while the rest of the tribe raids or does things that may exclude me. i dont care if its small tribes or the mega tribe infested main servers i just really wanna make some new friends, PVP only tho gotta have some competition to it lol. im 20 without a job atm so i can be on all the time.


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