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About This Tribe

(Ps4 offical please read all)24/7krew accepting all serious mature members that can get along with others, no matter if your new or experienced our tribe is a family and are looking for members that are willing to stick together no matter what. Our family is built off trust, respect for each other, honesty and loyalty, if thats you we welcome you to join our family... Everyone earns there stripes and trust is earned not given if you can handel that then you have a chance to become a leader. as owner of the tribe im striving to get us big but keep us close at the same time no matter what ur rank is everyone voice is heard but in the end the high table has the final say. Overall our family is looking to gain members from all over the world so we have peopel from all time zones protecting whats ours 24/7... We would appricate anyone bringing whatever they have to the table but if you dont have anything its ok, you will have to hit me up on psm my user is macdaddyflaks, if i feel your fit on what you message me with you will be moving on to our group recruitment chat where you will meet other members and you will start off by saying in the chat basically what im going to be asking of you to tell me shortly and this is so u can meet and get to know other members as we get to know you at the same time and from there you will find out the rest just so you understand all members will go threw this but think of it like this... once ur a trusted member this helps protect whats yours because they will have to go threw the same process to be trusted. Again im saying so much because i want you to understand that if your hitting me up its because you are 100% committed on joining this family and i will be taking you hitting me up very serious we dont have an expectation on how much you have to play but we are looking for members active as possible and when they are playing its with our tribe, if you do this you will always be apart of this family and we understand peoples personal prioritys come first. So when you hit me up on playstation message i will need you to provided me with your age, where your from, your character level, how long you have been playing,what are your skills and what you like doing in game for example:breeding,pvp,farming,building also your experince level on the game from new-avarage-advanced-expert also your background on ark if any exampels: any tribes you been in, any boss fight experience,maps available, also tell me a bit about your self and why you want to be apart of this family also if you have a mic.. Fyi i will be paying attetion to detail. Lastly i have written so much beacuse like said many times i want whomever is considering joining to take this serious because we will be and i dont want to waste ur time or ours. Ill also say this not alot of people like taking risk on others they dont know and i understand why first hand but the reason i take a chance on people even over the risk despite the amount of peopel trying to screw you over... there are really awesome peopel out there and ive met plenty taking that chance and wouldn't know other wise if i didn't and because of those peopel i will always continue to keep trying i hope to meet any of you mature people taking this serious and taking the time to read this all i thank you all leave with our tribe modo "No one survivor above the krew"if your a committed member please join our group fourm


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Read the hole post and you will find it after that have each one of your members message me with that info asked for in post and also hit me with who your squad is so i can identify that you know eachother.
  3. What’s your psn me and 3 friends need a tribe lvls 93-104 we just got insided but we have our own tames
  4. If you wanna join please message me on psm with what is asked for in the post and without a doubt i will get back to you
  5. Is there anyone else I can message to join the tribe?
  6. Yes please get back to me! What’s the server ip
  7. New recruit s questions Dose anyone have questions on joining?
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