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No recruitment until future notice


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hey guys, all of you can join us if you want. Not any big tribes here responds to newest applications. I was looking for tribe to and no one respond it even here, so we formed our tribe. Look it up name of tribe is Symbiotes and there we can talk more if you are interested!!!!!
  3. I messaged you too and haven't heard back yet. I'm a very active and helpful player and play mostly everyday
  4. I have messaged you on PS4 and waiting on a reply do you know when you would be able to get back to me
  5. I messaged you on psn I was wondering if you saw my psn message and could u get back to me as soon as possible my psn is MVP_adam_phoenix thank yo
  6. Hi! My name is Jay.. and I have sent a message via psn to the admin and created an account here and joined the tribe? But what are the next steps in the process thank you
  7. I sent a message as well on PSN to MacDaddyFlaks that answered all the questions. Just waiting on the next step to get everything rolling.
  8. I sent A message on PSN to MacDaddyFlaks that answered all the questions asked above, what is the next step?
  9. Hello Alan yes we do have a place for you we have a spot for any trust worthy commited members that would like to join thw fam bam just make sure you read the post and there info on there i will need from you then private message me with that info its all in the post description hope to talk with you more soon.
  10. hi I´ also looking for a tribe I´m on ps4 my name is Alan i have quite a bit of experience in ark and i would like to go to official have you place for me
  11. Read the hole post and you will find it after that have each one of your members message me with that info asked for in post and also hit me with who your squad is so i can identify that you know eachother.
  12. What’s your psn me and 3 friends need a tribe lvls 93-104 we just got insided but we have our own tames
  13. If you wanna join please message me on psm with what is asked for in the post and without a doubt i will get back to you
  14. Is there anyone else I can message to join the tribe?
  15. Yes please get back to me! What’s the server ip
  16. New recruit s questions Dose anyone have questions on joining?
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