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Long term (1990s) mmorpg player. All friends grew up had families which has left me the solo guy by himself the last 10 years. Tired of playing solo. I'm up for PVP or PVE, honestly it doesn't matter. What does is the company I keep. I prefer small Tribes due to the reasonable rates or even a private server is ok. Looking to build a new core group of friends to have good company moving forward with this game or the next. Don't care if we suck, only thing I need is good laughs. If you don't mind dad jokes and someone that is entertained easily I have over 3k hours and know the game well. I prefer Center map, I have over 2k hours on that map alone. I cannot play on Rag as it insta blue screens for me and has on two different computers. Center preferred, AB as a second. Haven't played on Val yet as I dont know if I'll crash like it did on rag on or not willing to try it out. 8:30pm-1am -EST is my play times. Weekends vary In the past I joined a few tribes to try it out and have felt like I was only a number or tool. While i'm a hard worker the only payment I require is good company. Thanks! Brad


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  2. Joined tribe what servers you all play on so we can play together as a tribe
  3. Hi there, I’m pretty new to Ark - well, I have just over 100 hours solo, but there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t get to see or do yet. Anyway, I’m looking to find a bunch of nice people to play with. I’m in EU and I play on Steam (if that makes any difference). My Discord handle is Malarkey#1642 - feel free to DM me if you’re interested. Cheers!
  4. Hello Contact me on Discord if you stil wanna play i have 10 500 h in ARK Mischa#1146
  5. I tryed to send him a frend request is invalid name.. Contact me if you like try play whit me.. Mischa#1146
  6. Name: LunaAlua (On discord as well) I have over 378 hours of play time, I used to play with my boyfriend and his friends but they got frustrated and quit playing but I've continued playing solo. I've never done a boss raid or anything else, but would love to learn. I have tons of experience building/taming/breeding etc. Id love to find some people to start a new server with and play on! I've been trying to play Genesis Part 1 solo and have actually gotten pretty far, it was hard getting started until I read that you should start in the Ocean first. Timezone: Central Time Zone

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