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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
  • complexminded

    Sponsored Mod Program: May Update

    Hey, Survivors!

    I'm happy to announce some exciting additions to the mod program this month!  It's been hard to keep track of all the content that is released lately! The program is already off to a healthy start, and we're already looking to add more into the group.  If you haven't heard about the sponsored mod program, it's an opportunity for modders to get some cash for doing what they love to do. As someone who plays ARK, you end up getting lots of new content to use in ARK.  It's a win-win for everyone involved! For more information be sure to check out this initial post announcing the program.

    We've been keeping an eye on the budding talent in the workshop, so be sure to get your work out there!  Your mod doesn't have to be near complete to be a part of the program.  We are always looking for those unpolished diamonds!  This month we're adding 3 more mods into the program.  Each of these mods has gained a bit of attention, and we're looking forward to seeing how they develop.

    Iso: Crystal Isles

    A quick glance at this map might let you know this isn't your typical island.  It is fantasy based, which I'm sure a lot of you will like.  It's also a welcome addition since there aren't a ton of fantasy styled maps.  I was impressed when I had the pleasure of taking a look at this map a few weeks back.  While it's still a work in progress, it's enough there to see how epic this can be.


    Auction House


    How many times have you wished there was a marketplace similar to popular MMO titles in ARK?  Well, there is!  It's amazing to see what a little creativity and some time in the development kit will do.  There's still lots of troubleshooting and testing going on, but this has the potential to be useful for a lot of ARK survivors.  You can virtually trade anything!  Wonder if we'll ever see seller ratings? ¬¬

    Advanced Rafts


    Everyone wants bigger and better ships, right?  Well, it looks like you're in luck!  Not only are there different ship models, but there are also several advancements made to the existing rafts in ARK. You might want to look into Advanced Rafts if you ever wanted a bigger building radius or more structures allowed on your raft.  There's plenty of structures and content to build the harbor of your dreams!


    Keep a look out for Workshop Wednesdays where I'll have a variety of content including a check in with the participants of the sponsored mod program.

    We'd also like to congratulate the following modders for maintaining their sponsorship and we're looking forward to what they have to show us in the next month!

    Offline Raid Protection and ARK Postal Service by Jslay and Mezzo

    MRRadTools.Inc Content Pack by MRRadioActiv and Mezzo

    Thieves Island and Skies of Nazca by Tkat5200

    Madagascar Evolved by Hey my team rules! and its r2ghgaming

    Shigo Islands by Exilog

    Total Conversion: ARK Moon Survival by DavidBC and Fuzz Levingston

    SurvivalPlus by Tao and Hamildor

    Structures Plus, Platforms Anywhere, and Platforms Plus by Orionsun

    Ragnarok by Excited Kangaroo, JacksonL, and Enduran

    eco's Decorative and RP Mods by eco

    Advanced Command Menu by Woeful Macabre

    ARK Steampunk Mod by iSpeZz


    Wildcard Ced



    User Feedback

    When we gonna get the skies of nazca map for consoles that map is fracking huge dont believe me watch sl1pg8r on youtube not to mention the floating islands and that huge cave system with the abandoned huts inside.

    Also why cant we build long rafts already or even canoes not to mention the camera pov for rafts could do with an update because once you build a pen or mobile spawn point you cant see anything except your building would be nice to have a camera at the front of the raft.

    That said keep the mods coming if it means we get to choose the next official dlc for ark im happy.

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    21 hours ago, Jat said:

    Hey guys!

    If you click on this link here you'll be able to see all the mods that we've sponsored:


    It's also on the main page our homesite, we'll get Chris to update the image to indicate that we're in May now ;)

    Hope it's less confusing now, and congratulations to the new modders are part of the program :)


    Thanks Jat!

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    Add a feature to console where we can edit which dinos can spawn in. It would make the game a lot more interesting. My friends and I really hope this feature comes out sometime in the summer because we love ark but want to play without dinos. I know we can just "not" tame them, but they're still running around everywhere. Players could make awesome lists of dinos and take out ones they don't like. Think about the possibilities! Mammals only private servers. No huge dinos. It could open a lot of doors gameplay wise! I really hope someone may consider this!

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    16 hours ago, Tasfariel said:

    Coming this to Consoles? Pls :( And what is with the Extinction core mod or Monster Hunter mod

    Well I have heard that they would be coming to consoles soon, but it is still in the works from what I've heard.

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    I would like if they offered the Mods as standalone (of course with basegame) DLC on the consoles, and that you could enable these mods for player dedicated servers.

    I do believe the admin command menu should be integrated into the base game though

    Edited by UnfinishedRiot
    leaving out words *smacks forehead

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    wow, the Crystal map looks so amazing and would be a really, really cool addition to the official maps already. would be soo cool to have this as a fourth map in the cluster, perhaps one that has a bit of everything? as ive seen wild wyverns here, or so it seemed.

    the raft mod has alot of potential too i think, i just hope there is a raft that is somewhat leeds resistant :D

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    On 5/2/2017 at 4:26 PM, powerstuck said:

    Game isn't done either but it's on consoles...so yeah, you can but you shouldn't add unfinished content on consoles. Am I doing this right ?

    Xbox One has their Preview program, totally allowed then, and Sony got convinced by the MASSIVE demand by ARK fans to go ahead and let Wildcard be the first to ever bring an Early Access title to their platform.

    Adding mods to the mix is a completely different thing. None of the mods in the workshop or sponsored program are done. There's a reason why Wildcard is sponsoring them to finish their mods. It's so they can add them to every platform as official mods(maybe, who knows.)

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    On 5/1/2017 at 10:40 PM, demonhero100 said:

    When is this going to be in xbox!

    Sadly when I re-read the first sponsored mod program it said that there is only a possibility of it being on console


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    I know that xbox can get mods. An would be nice to be part an experiences these mods. Fallout has done it with their game. So the possibility is there were we could download the mods/maps to consoles. Even being able to host player dedicated server with these mods would boost ark support 10 fold.

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    On 03/05/2017 at 8:05 PM, Tasfariel said:

    Coming this to Consoles? Pls :( And what is with the Extinction core mod or Monster Hunter mod

    I don't think theyrre adding those because of these reasons alone

    1. Extinction core is mainly filled with neon coloured creatures with OP stats. I don't think the devs want that.

    2. The models and most of the animations for the monsters are straight from the actual game series. It could or may cause some issues between Wildcard and Capcom (creatures of monster hunter). 

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