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    Official SurviveTheArk Community App

    Greetings Survivors!

    The first version of the Official SurviveTheArk Community App is now live on the Google Play Store! (iOS Version coming very soon) The app was created to bring our community members an easy to use interface to interact with our forum right on your mobile device... but wait there's more... anyone that is playing ARK on an Official PC server with a Steam account linked to our community forum will also enjoy in-game Trip Wire and Baby Hatching Push Notifications! So that means that you don't even have to be in-game to get notified when your base is being raided or your new creatures have broken from their eggs!





    It's super simple, just go to your Account Settings Page and then click on the "Steam" button to sync your account. The Push Notification feature is only available to regular members. Those in the "Early Bird" forum group will need to use the forum a little before automatically being bumped into the regular "Member" forum group.




    I've been working with Nitrado and this week they are going to implement the feature on all of their ARK Private Dedicated Servers! So those of you that have your own Nitrado servers just need to follow the steps above and you too will enjoy these awesome notifications right on your mobile devices!

    This is just the first step into bringing you guys some awesome new ways to enjoy ARK and rest assured that we are working on many more!

    -Chris (Wildcard Casanova)

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    User Feedback

    How come you have to use the forum to get notifications on server events?

    Is it to limit the server load or something?

    What if I don't have a immediate use for the forums, do I have to make dummy posts, just to be included in the fold?

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    I just don't like the app. It's boring and lifeless.

    I can only read threads from devs about additions and fixes yada yada but I want to read it all from the salty opinions to the sweet new suggestions. 

    I've come to love all ark everything even the previous little dios attacks that plague PvP servers. 


    I'm just going to stick with the website for now. 




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    On 6/25/2016 at 7:28 AM, Tom said:

    Hi survivors,

    With version 243.0 the devs implemented the new feature to receive web notifications. It is already implemented here in the forum, but can also be used for private servers. In this tutorial I will show you how to do it.

    1) Prepare game server for notifications

    • Make sure you add "-webalarm" to the command line of your start script. If you are running a hosted server with g-portal, nitrado etc. you have to wait until they implement the feature
    • Secondly, you have to create the AlarmPostCredentials.txt file in the /ShooterGame/Saved/ folder

    2) Security key and listening script

    • The previously mentioned text file must contain two lines
    • First line has a security key which is optional to use in the listening script, but required to have it in the text file, no matter what it looks like. It can be even "aspojasd" if you want
    • Second line specifies the URL where your listening script is stored, waiting and ready to receive the post information by your game server

    Example file then would look like this:

    • Now you need to setup a script that is able to work with the following HTTP POST which will be send URLencoded:
    • key=Th4t5my53cr3tC0d3!&steamid=76545465465498489489&notetitle=Example%2BTitle&message=Example+Message
    • The message and title are URL encoded, so make sure to decode them in your script

    3) Example script

    As there is no general solution how to deal with the notifications, as you guys all have a different set up for server, database etc, i will just provide you an example script which you can use to modify it further:

    if($_POST["key"] && $_POST["steamid"] && $_POST["notetitle"] && $_POST["message"]) 
     $key = urldecode($_POST["key"]);
     $steamid = urldecode($_POST["steamid"]);
     $title = urldecode($_POST["notetitle"]);
     $message = urldecode($_POST["message"]);
     if ($key == "Th4t5my53cr3tC0d3!")
     // Here you can do anything now, since the code is correct and everything else is provided, too.
     echo "Invalid key";
     echo "Invalid request";

    With that script you are now basically able to do nearly anything. You could think of sending your members an e-Mail or chat message in your forum. You could go even further and send them a whatsapp message or anything else, as long as you have implemented the needed API and you are able to link the user's steam ID with an email, cellphone number etc.

    Enjoy :-)




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