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  • Community Crunch 373: Yi Ling Concept Art, Creature Submissions, and More!


    Revel in the wonders of Yi Ling's menacing appearance. With its sharp beak and even sharper feathers, it makes us ponder: How will Yi Ling integrate with the eclectic wildlife of Aberration?  We are anxious to see how the ARK community and Aberration treat our new arrival on ARK: Survival Ascended.




    Download in full resolution





    Let's take a trip down memory lane as we embark on our journey to The Center for our next Community Creature Contest. What will be the fan-voted real-world creature that will launch with the map for ARK: Survival Ascended

    Please note that this creature will be released for The Center, so make sure your real-world submissions are in theme with that map! As previously stated, we’ll add an additional real-world creature for each expansion pack map release on ARK: Survival Ascended.

    Check out the Creature Submission Guidelines for more information on the submission process, and hop over to the Creature Submission Forum to see the current entries. We are looking forward to seeing your ideas come to life!

    • The entry period will end at 1 PM Pacific on August 14th.
    • The voting will begin immediately after and end on August 21st at 1PM Pacific.

    Make sure to check our Twitter on August 14th for the RankedVote link!

    *Note that the proposed features for the creatures from the submission entry are meant to inspire their design, but certain aspects may still be modified.


    We've made some changes to the creature submission process that you can see below:

    • A single person or entity can only win once.
    • Posts will no longer merge with similar submissions.





    Survivors on all platforms will be receiving an EVO Event! It will be active until Monday, August 7th.
    All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:

    *Note that these bonuses are multiplicative of the game's standard 1x rates.

    Official Servers: 2x XP, Harvesting, Taming and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 2x hexagon
    Small Tribe Servers: 4.5x XP, Harvesting, Taming and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 2x hexagon
    ARKPocalypse: 5x XP, Harvesting, Taming and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 2x hexagon
    Conquest: 5x XP, Harvesting, Taming and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 2x hexagon




    Fan Art Gallery | Screenshot Gallery | Artist Feedback Form




    Creator: BritishTexan

    The sweet gaming grandmother, BritishTexan, embarks on a journey to the icy fields in search of Prisminium Gachas that were custom-made for her 60th birthday.


    Creator: VenoRaasclark

    Veno and Raasclark are back with another Dingle Cup Contest. This time, they are making dinosaur hybrids to battle them out! What kind of atrocities will they create?



    Welcome to Eden by @WolfTek7



    Meet Ducky and Quaks by @SoyDrys



    Guess what is my fav mount! by fan-da-engraveri



    Warfare by l-system-l



    Managarmr by mios-axe



    Tek armor by unordinarylynx



    His mutton chops were predictably short-lived. by fritzmetzger




    Screenshot by Wuwb(a)



    Screenshot by lizard4318 



    Screenshot by BigMama85



    Enjoy your weekend!
    Studio Wildcard

    Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
    Discord: discord.com/invite/playark
    Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
    Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
    Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark
    Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110
    Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
    Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
    Threads: threads.net/@survivetheark
    Official Wiki: ark.wiki.gg

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    18 minutes ago, Jakethatsme said:

    Look  it should not have been the pick they only picked it cus it was a ez dino to make . It's a dang deinonychus  with a dodo  head  has nothing to do with ab and ppl will still stick to that they know works 

    Dude, that's not what he meant. He was asking something about the center creature submission, not about the Yi Ling.

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    Did you change the name? Last week it was announced as Yi Qi.

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    I hope we see some information about the server transfer for ARK SE, to see if it would be actually worth it.

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    Thank you Cedric for getting back to me on this. You guys are awesome and keep up the good work. I appreciate what you and everyone at Studio Wildcard do for us fans. Thank you guys truly.

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    So....if the same animal is posted by multiple people it WON'T have the posts merged this time? Is it up to us to find and comment on each others' posts our design ideas? Because couldn't this, theoretically mean that if posts weren't merged we could end up with 10 versions of the top 10 creature repeated if the votes were enough to get all 10 posts up there???

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    2 hours ago, gippy said:

    Literally the 20th community crunch since you announced asa and server shut downs. Not being hasty but can we see just a peek of footage next week? Please? There's no way you dont have anything after all this time. Also can we have 3x and it stay. We only have a bit over a month left why not let us go crazy with it?

    No they are doing the same bullpoop they have done for 8 long yrs  there community don't mean poop to them and they probably don't have poop it's going on 7 month's  Whoever's in charge of communication should be fired. Cus they suck at there job or there Publisher poop games is holding jermey by the balls . All in all they suck and wonder why stocks are down cus ppl don't want to deal with poopty game developers  . Or untruthful  developers  that can't keep there word . And it's sick that the youtubers are supporting this poop but nooblets . WE HAVE NOT FORGOT HOW YOU HAVE TREATED US THE LAST 8 YRS and clearly you don't want this game to be a Success . Cus if they did they would talk to the community  and keep there promises  . So they don't have poop to show or they only care about stealing our money and the new Chinese  bird is just a Deinonychus rip off  

    Edited by Jakethatsme
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    4 hours ago, kingblades said:

    sow no news on asa a gen if you cant give  us news on asa then stop making  commuity crunchs 



    They did say they would give an ASA comparison everyother week, I don't even want to know how many weeks it has been, I do want to know, I just won't check, does someone mind quoting me with the right awnser?

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    Kinda disappointing tbh. The yi qi, or yi ling doesn't exactly fit into aberration, more like it's made for valguero or crystal isles. Aberration is a map that feels more scarier and creepier than any of the other maps, the Reapers and nameless makes it so. Having a creature like the spider scorpion or jumping spider would've made aberration feel more scarier since the map is nothing but giant caves. The Rock Drake is literally the best glider for aberration, outperforming the yi qi if it's made a glider creature. Love the design though.

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    4 hours ago, gippy said:

    Literally the 20th community crunch since you announced asa and server shut downs. Not being hasty but can we see just a peek of footage next week? Please? There's no way you dont have anything after all this time. Also can we have 3x and it stay. We only have a bit over a month left why not let us go crazy with it?

    Thanks for counting, I can't even count that high. As you said it is kind of bs that all they do is lie, I'm looking forward to asa, I quit official, and only play tsotf now, which I am glad that they added that to console when they said they would add it. (There is a first time for everything) I just want to see the game I know and love for what it will be, not heveally skewed votes, nobody will ever vote for a herbivore, they all have to vote for another end game creature. Nothing matters though. I wish that next week there will be something other than creature submissions are now active.

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    Yi Ling would suit another map better. Maevia would have suited Aberration a bit more with its glowing regions.

    If not gameplay footage or screenshots, please consider providing more information on ASA. We server admins aren't sure if we'll be able to host servers the same, if we'll be able to welcome console players through crossplay or if that's only for official, more info on what's being rehauled, the several announced features, hardware requirements for ASA, etc.

    Edited by Thalana
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    "A single person or entity can only win once."

    Since this obviously does not mean a creature cannot be added to the game twice, this must mean that a creature submission can only be voted into the final 10 just once? If that is the case, this as one of the stupidest ideas I have heard in a while. If the players have to vote on the 5 best creatures they have ever seen, all in one vote, and only one of them is chosen. Then in the next vote all of the good ideas may have already been used, and maybe only 1 creature is moderately acceptable, and nowhere near as good as the 4 that did not win in the last vote. But with this new rule change, those new 4 that everyone would be much happier with, simply cannot enter the vote because of a very arbitrary rule?

    If players do not want a creature, it will not make it into the final 10. If they want it, it will consistently make it into the final 10. Artificially limiting options, and calling it diversity, and giving others a chance to win, is the same as removing fair competition. If that rule was in competitive sports, the next year of competition would be a disappointment, since the ones who win will constantly be thinking, "am I really the best? I did not beat last years champion. So am I really the best when the already confirmed best was not allowed to play?" Then the champions of two consecutive years would not be able to compete against each other. So now you will never know who is the better competitor. If this rule existed, or continues to exist here, you should expect riots in both the real world, and in the Ark community. Nobody wants to be FORCED to settle.

    I personally want to see the Chimera, the Eurika, the miracinonyx, and the Shunosaurus in every vote until they are in the game. Esspecially the Shunosaurus, since we have low level carnivores, and higher tier carnivores, but we do not have a higher tier gatherer. Everyone is either using the beginner tames for the whole game, or they get a stryder for late game, which is not a dino, and map specific, and the last map at that. The idea of replacing my doedic/anky carried by argent combo, with a Shunosaurus carried by Rhynio combo for late game sounds fun.

    We only get a select few chances to vote on new creatures. So they better be the best of the best there is to offer. Otherwise, the players will question the validity of each vote, and what is the point if the best does not win, or even get to compete, thanks to an illogical rule that prevents them from even entering the competition.


    Posts will no longer merge with similar submissions.

    Good choice. Each version of creatures of the same name deserve to stand on their own. Especially since players are voting on the proposed abilities, as much as they are the aesthetic appearance of that version. Someones preference could be over looked, thanks to it being a later submission, and being relegated to lower on the thread where it would be difficult to find. So good job on this rule addition.

    But, Fix the first rule, by making it go away. If one person submits all ten creatures that make it to the final vote, so be it. If they do so for the remainder of the future votes, so be it. Anyone that has a problem with that does not believe in fair competition, and is disregarding the opinions of the community, and simply want their way, regardless of how it negatively affects others. Submission submitters should want their submission to win because that is what everyone in the community wants, and not because it is simply what they want, and what they think is best for themselves. "They already had their win/chance. Why not let someone else have a chance?" is a pathetic, and crappy way of thinking, and should be rejected EVERY time.

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    Please, please, please, PLEASE!!!

    Don't make your Community believe that you are completely ignoring us because of the marketing line you have chosen to follow, it makes us feel frustrated / deceived and makes our trust (and hope of regaining it) fall more and more into the abyss..

    What I personally think: WILD-CARD a few years ago was born from "nothing" creating a game with a concept and mechanisms that proved to be engaging and suitable for many types of audience (builders, hunters, farmvillers, PvPers, explorers , etc.), conceived with the StarWars mentality of elaborating the entire Plot but released little by little to give longevity over time and to increase the interest of the Survivors from time to time who developed an ever greater Evolutionary sensation with each subsequent map. this has allowed ARK to gain its share of the market and to keep sales high over the course of almost 10 years both with new players (many of whom are involved with already Survivor friends) and with those who had fallen in love with ARK and continued to play it for all these years buying all its DLC to enjoy it to the fullest [and, either with the contractual % of third parties such as Nitrado or even GamePass itself] ; I mentioned that almost 10 years have passed, a "whole generation in gaming terms",


    IF TODAY ARK:SE IT NEVER EXISTED YET?? If you started from scratch in vision of the next "video game generation" as well as 8 years ago, you can get the same results (taking into account that today they also have already tested data, more experience in the field, better technology, ideas/suggestions/criticisms/defects already known)? PROBABLY YES...

    If ARK came out as a new game today instead of 8 years ago, what reason would prevent it from achieving the same success??

    We are sincere and aware that today we don't have a valid alternative similar to ARK as a whole...we also know that the next Generation of Consoles won't take too many years to arrive, and we know that the arrival of UnrealEngine5 is giving resulting in a leap in quality to current products .... in anticipation of acquiring the "new public" this is therefore the time to "anticipate any competition" by seeking one's own exclusive.

    Yes, in reality there are also other factors to weigh the risk: Ark is not out today for the first time, all existing players are excluded from the sales count if we assume that WC expects to get the same results as if starting from scratch? ...Yes and no..

    + A slice of the Community will not buy ASA for various reasons (disappointed in treatment expectations or in the management of problems and bugs; economic question of purchasing a new Console/PC; does not want to play this game over again or had already changed game for some time *; some prefer to continue their own ARK:SE Servers)

    + Another slice of the Community will buy it in the hope of getting improvements (graphics, technical, new implementations, future new maps, so a further enlargement of the game, even *those who changed their game might want to buy the revamped and expanded Ark)

    = Well, if we put ourselves in view of opening a new market from "zero", then we are already starting with +1 slice earned by those who already know Ark and want to buy its new version (also bringing along some old/new friend, then buyer)


    Ok, the above is what I want to take into account in this message excluding judgment on right or wrong WC's handling the situation and especially the information, but I started this message asking you to LISTEN TO YOUR SURVIVORS [ [your audience...your Lenders!!]]


    TRUST is the most important point of all:

    -- there was/is the question i of the ASA price for THOSE WHO ALREADY OWN ARK:SE (<--- I highlight for the avoidance of doubt, those who had already paid ARK and will have to pay the full price again) and there are a thousand ways to incentivize us to compare it more honestly in our regards (e.g.: you have Byronic Skin Dinosaurs in the Store, create in the Store a "Paid Set" of Dino Variants among the existing ones useful to speed up the new ""Restart"" (Anky-Decu-Stego-Argy _ Magma-Maewing -Gacha _ etc.) that have some better specs/stats than the original Dinos and make these Sets free to ARK:SE owners while still having an extra cash left for you in the Store; it's just one example out of a thousand that could be suggested) ) paying homage to the loyalty of those who have already supported you and would not hesitate to continue if only they kept TRUST in you...

    -- you're forcing the hand of that slice of us who structured their game in the Official Servers by categorically closing them, when there would probably be a way to group and keep at least a small part of them for those who won't have the chance to get ASA regardless; taking the perspective of "starting from scratch" in NextGen, it may be that you will be right in strict terms of Marketing, but on the scales you are putting another slap on Trust! ..even the future one.

    -- Save Data: DID YOU SCHEDULE A MARCH-31ST RESCUE??! Are you already doing some intermediate savepoints? But above all: given that many of us demotivated Ark:se has been keeping their bases active for 4 months so as not to ruin YEARS of their game and will certainly continue for other months by now (more and more demotivated by further delays but having to refresh the Decay Timers and Dino), is it possible to receive some updates on the possibility of playing them without having to pay to rent them? And which "dates" will we have access to? ((if we had news that today our worlds have already been saved, you would immediately see a sudden release of Servers/Resources, as well as doing a big favor to those who have already organized their own Servers and have waited with confidence for these Save Data))

    -- there are also other pending issues: Mod.io had been announced for Ark2 and it would seem a Sponsor accepted by many, for ASA instead Overwolf received heavy criticisms (even when one of its operators tried to intervene once here in the Forum, then vanished into thin air since then, school "we too learn how NOT to know how to win Trust"), here complete silence and another punch in the stomach for many.

    -- Cross-Platform AntiCheat? It is assumed that you will also open "NON Multiplatform Servers" for those who use Consoles to not meet with PC Cheaters, any info about it? what is it and what does it do? Which Cheats will it be able to block?


    Surely I'm leaving out other points [the Animated Series? Does it exist or is it just a sort of publicity gimmick?] but it is already evident that the major "DEFECT" is the lack of communication, which turns into a lack of involvement and trust ....

    If you have not been able to respect a date or solve a specific problem or anything else: tell us about it, explain it to us, let us know and also participate, Trust is also won BY FACING TOGETHER the ongoing issues, certainly not with "silence and we hope you forget".......


    I won't go any further and end here [[...still Confident..]] my appeal to @WildCard

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    Personally I think the Yi Ling looks a bit too chicken-y, it should look a bit more like a flighted deinonychus or wyvern, or maybe a biped rock drake.

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    9 hours ago, Cedric said:

    Sorry, they should be open shortly!

    Ah, happy to answer some questions, how about answering some of the more important questions that your 'community' has been asking for months?  

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    10 hours ago, slejo said:

    Hoped for more Aberration style looking creature.

    I mean.. Yi Ling is good concept, but in proposed official style doesnt fit into Aberration mood. Looks more like Crystal Isles or The Center raptor.

    Yes! It looks more like a crystal isles creature 

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    time to release source code of ASE on github, both server and client and let people fix it.

    some examples:

    - inventory overflows (many) issues
    - server crashing when players transfer a lot of stuff (don't have an exact number, safe amount of stuff should be a bit more than 150 items as far I noted).. inventory overflow related too probably.
    - black screen issues after ascension
    - mission minion spawning not only inside bases and structures but also and most of times undeground/undermesh
    - broken teleports destination spawns when there are a good amount of structures in the near (beam me up scotty bug)
    - skiff out of sync (like managarmr bug) after bad teleport
    - players stuck between ceilings issues on base loading
    - players stuck in foundations or ceilings on char spawns
    - multiple audio clipping and distortion issues (eg: dragon fight, tek doors/gates/teleport sounds)
    - AI tamed managarms getting out of sync issues
    - previous server not showing in terminal/server list without reconnecting
    - harvesting issues on multiple dinos species on medium-high ping.
    - Deactivated Tek Bridges still have bridge collision as they were active after server restart.
    - stryder bed chamber out of sync when walking on
    - no warning when eating fertilised water creature eggs
    - invisible trees collisions after guardian fights
    - tone mapping issues after guardian fights
    - missing key mapping on some dinos depending by input device (eg: dinopitechus unclimb on keyboard)
    - broken texts on signs for non western latin languages
    - broken chat filtering (no, it's not about only of bad and good words lists, it's broken since goodwords list doesn't apply properly)
    - bucket elements dereference issues on nvidia physx 3.4
    - ocean platform foundation/ground check broken for many type of structures
    - multiple dermis issues
    - broken achievements on EGS
    - 32 bit epoch datetime for arkdata and relative overflow on upload limits
    - base decay issues freezing the servers
    - giga:carcharo spawn proportion issues 0.2:1 rates are just bad
    - film grain not working at all
    - bad resolution upscale method and not defaulting to 100%
    - mismatching of some ini setting entries names between non-dedicated and dedicated servers
    - Water Reservoir(s) not working with beer barrels
    - many d3d 11 draw calls optimizations missing opportunities (eg: grouping/bindings command buffers)
    - removing stadia bits and other dead code paths from both client and servers
    - no proper saves backup system for local/host games
    - adding a damn proper unicode font for chat and text in general to get rid off of squares
    - asset compressions missing opportunities (there are gazillion of multi-thread lightweight algorithms suitable for real time games without performance penalties that cut by 50% space usage and speed up loadings.. and without changing assets bits and I/O interface for mods)

    Also fixing ASE may help on better code porting in ASA.

    Edited by darkradeon
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    11 hours ago, Romuluas said:

    I believe that means that say if someone had already won a creature (like the Fasolasuchus, Gigantoraptor, and Yi Qi) they cant make another creature and win.


    (but im not an admin this is just my input on how I perceive it)


    11 hours ago, Cedric said:

    This is correct

    As the guy who submitted Gigantoraptor, personally I'm not too much of a fan of the new "no winning multiple times" rule.

    I understand why it was put in place, but it feels like a bit of a "punish the whole class" vs a "punish the actual problem people" situation.

    90% of us in the creature design community are just people who really enjoy making cool ideas or flexing our creative muscles. Outside of posting to various social media and hoping our idea gains traction, we don't have any unfair advantage for getting our stuff into the top 10, apart from the effort we put into our submissions. However there's at least one individual that comes to mind who's consistently used their audience to sway the votes for only their own benefit.

    It feels really unfair to "put down" the creativity of people who are willing to put in the time to sit down and have some fun designing a unique creature that might gain traction. If the community likes the design of a creature, regardless of who made it, I say let it be how it is! There's still a huge portion of the community who just doesn't bother to read further than the title, I don't think the creators of the concepts are of their concern. Critter creators are already punished enough by people who won't give their really unique ideas the time of day due to their pre-concieved notions of what the animal would be, I think it's wholly biased to punish the "good" and "skilled" creature creators even further.

    It really removes the fun of creature design knowing that your idea won't even be considered, even if it wins fair and square.

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