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  • Community Crunch 225: Crystal Isles, Anniversary Event, Epic Games Store, and more!

    It’s been five exciting years since ARK: Survival Evolved opened the way to the ARK and survivors around the world set out on half a decade’s worth of adventure.

    In this Crunch, we’ll be covering the unique, real-world dinosaur, the Tropeognathus, the much anticipated Crystal Isles launch, our fun Anniversary Event, and a blast from the past by way of Timecapsule Servers.

    Crystal Isles Launch


    If you’ve been following the mod community, you’re probably familiar with Crystal Isles. Its supernatural beauty won the hearts of the ARK community since its debut as a mod in 2016. For four years it has grown to over 240K subscriptions and has called for many requests for the community to make it an official map.

    We’ve decided to give it a new coat of polish to bring out its true shine. The newly updated Crystal Isles launches with a 150 sq km map with a wide variety of awe-inspiring biomes teeming with life. Whether you think you know Crystal Isles or plan to explore this map for the first time, be prepared for new breathtaking discoveries.


    Build your bases high in rainforest canopies or mysterious floating islands, then dive deep into undersea caverns in search of resources. The Great Valley, a rainforest with bogs and towering tree limbs, lends new options for base-building and traversal. Eldritch Isle, an eerie and challenging realm, will be worth braving for its valuable resources like element and oil. Emberfall, a fantastic region of vibrant foliage and volcanic danger, will reward those who chose to explore in the region. Perhaps most awe-inspiring, Apotheosis, a cluster of floating islands tangled with vines and roots, shot through with cavernous pockets and spilling over with waterfalls. With three types of crystal wyvern for you to tame and breed and a new custom boss arena, Crystal Isles is sure to keep you busy.


    Celebrate ARK’s anniversary with an updated Crystal Isles map and a new real-world dinosaur for you to tame on ARK’s PC Official Server networks!

    And of course, with a new map, comes new servers! Please remember that transfers into these servers will only be enabled for characters and not creatures or items. We'll be opening those up at a later date, however, transfers out are enabled for characters, items, and creatures.

    Crystal Isles - ARK Expansion Map on Steam

    Unofficials can host the map themselves using the following map name: CrystalIsles

    Protip: Adjust your map filter to CrystalIsles to find them quicker!


    Anniversary Event

    Ark_Backgrounds_5th anniversary_1920.jpg

    We couldn’t let our fifth anniversary pass without an in-game event to accompany it! Bring out your party hats, because from June 11th to June 24th, ARK will be celebrating the memories we’ve made along the way. In addition to Tropeognathus making its grand debut, we’ll be introducing 5 new chibi’s to collect. Looking to complete your chibi collection? A brand new feature for this event allows you to trade 4 for a new one in the forge.

    Throw a surprise party for your tribe-mates with the new pop-out birthday cake structure and have a get-together with your tribe wearing party hat skins from prior events!

    Event Details
    This event can be manually activated with the server arg parameter: -activeevent=birthday

    Dates: June 11th to June 24th


    • 3X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)
    • 4X Player XP
    • 4X Harvesting
    • 4X Taming


    • 5 New Chibi pets
    • Party Dodo (Harvested to get cake slices for event content)


    • Pop Out Birthday Cake Structure


    Epic Games Store Launch


    We’re hyped to welcome more Survivors to the ARK via our upcoming launch in the Epic Games store. For one week, players will be able to download a FREE copy of ARK for their personal library from the Epic Games launcher. Unlike “free weekends” the game will remain in your library for as long as you choose! Begin your journey on the island and see where the mysteries of ARK take you.

    Other than modding, the Epic Store version of the game will operate like the Steam PC version and will be updated in full parity with our Steam updates. Both platforms will support crossplay, which will be enabled on our Official Servers between Steam and Epic Games and Unofficial Servers can choose to opt-into enabling crossplay or not.

    Modding will not be supported at launch but we fully intend to have modding support enabled when the Epic Games Store supports it. For now, any servers that are set up to use mods will not display in the EGS version of ARK.

    Now is the time to dive into the expansive world of ARK and begin an epic journey!

    For those of you running dedicated servers, here's some info you need to know:

    When running a Crossplay or Epic Game Store server, the VOIP software will be default to use the Vivox, an alternative VOIP plugin. For those using Steam only, you can continue to use Steam VOIP (default) or alternatively opt into Vivox.

    Necessary Server Args:

    -crossplay (enables Crossplay on Dedicated Server)
    -epiconly (enables Epic Game Store only players to connect to the Dedicated Server)
    -UseVivox (enables Vivox on Steam only servers)

    Running a server with mods or without -epiconly or -crossplay will mean that the server will only accept player connections from Steam and not EGS. 

    Download ARK on Epic Games Store

    And for the next week, ARK: Survival Evolved content on the Epic Games store is deeply discounted: Scorched Earth (50% off), Aberration (50% off), Extinction (50% off), and ARK Season Pass (50% off)!

    New Servers

    (Protip: Search for * in the session name filter to quickly identify them





    Tame and saddle up your own Tropeognathus—ARK’s newest pterosaur—for a dizzying jet-fuel-powered ride into aerial combat, complete with powerful mounted flak cannon!
    This large pterosaur from the Cretaceous period can quickly gnash victims’ armor into bits, and when outfitted with a saddle containing a jetpack, its speed and maneuverability are second-to-none. Also providing a built-in flak cannon available to the pilot, this terror of the skies can engage in aerial combat with extreme deadliness.

    Tropeognathus makes its debut on the ARK with the introduction of our anniversary event! The creature can be found exclusively on Crystal Isles when playing on PC, and on console the flying terror can be encountered as a rare spawn on the following maps: The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, and Valguero.


    Timecapsule Servers


    Before TEK suits and replicators, survivors experienced the Island in a much different way. Traversing the landscape provided unique challenges without many of the creatures we know and love. It might be hard to imagine The Island without the Redwoods biome or the numerous caves that have been added but earlier survivors will have distinct memories of this era in ARK’s history.

    Many of the latest creatures that serve as companions, utility, and defense in ARK’s modern era weren’t a concept yet. Time capsule servers will offer a unique perspective and highlight the progression of ARK’s content, lore, and community when compared to the current day.

    ARK2 (1)_down.jpg

    While we’re happy to take this trip down memory lane it’s important to remember that Timecapsule servers are a snapshot of a moment in time. They won’t receive any customer service support or future updates.

    The Timecapsule Experience
    Here are a few notable features of the 2015 Timecapsule build:

    • No TEK Engrams
    • No fabricated snipers, compound bows, pump action shotguns or longneck rifles
    • Flyer speed can be increased

    If you'd like to take a look at ARK in its most primitive days, you'll need to opt into our special branch in your steam ARK configuration. You can do so by following the steps below:

    1) Right-click on the ARK game in your Steam library and select "properties"
    2) Select the "Beta" tab
    3) Locate "timecapsule" in the drop-down menu and select that.
    4) Select close, patch ARK, and start punching trees!

    EVO Event


    While the Anniversary event is active, there will be no special EVO rates. The event rates for Official servers:

    • 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)
    • 4X Player XP
    • 4X Harvesting
    • 4X Taming


    Thank You!

    We’d like to thank the community once more, as we truly appreciate all the passion and support you’ve shown the game. While we couldn’t have foreseen quite how the last 5 years would play out, from primitive dwellings to hyperspace whales, our vision for the ARK franchise is as strong as ever. So stick with us on this rollercoaster ride into the future, as we look forward with you to tremendously exciting years ahead for ARK, where the very definition of survival continues to evolve.
    With gratitude,


    The Studio Wildcard team!


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    Happy with this. Breeding at 2x or 3x is just fine, and with the summer bash just around the corner, no colours are no problem.

    4x harvesting? Yeah.. my anky is going to get the fright of its life 😄

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    So - seeing as this event is underwhelming, - judging by the response I'm not the only one thinking so -  I'm going to suggest some things: 

    Breeding: too much breaks the servers...3x should be manageable though

    Colors - if you had colors, noone would be complaining about the breeding thing. 

    Color variation - in order to get more people playing, and to avoid server congestion, different color schemes for each map. Make people go to different maps to get 'em all. 

    Any other suggestions? I'd like to hear em. 

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    i think im deleting the game. getting sick of this, everytime you guys release an update there are issues. fix your game before releasing more contant to grab more money


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    the rates look good to me. the only thing i was looking for was event colors. and happy anniversary. ive been with since alpha really enjoy this game.  

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    Yay! Breedable Wyverns! Happy Birthday, ARK! I want the "classic" Wyverns and Drakes breedable too, TLC3 possible? The 4x1 "Chibi Exchange" is a convenient way of getting new rare Chibies using thousands of my spares from Easter event. I appreciate the Timecapsule branch. I do feel nostalgic time-to-time, especially in crisis times in my life. I'll play it eventually, thank you.

    A big, beautiful map and the jet-plane Toruk will certainly give me many hours of testing, exploration and settings refining.

    Either way these are very positive news!

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    So... good update... but it really only caters to PC players. So I'll say the things that I feel needed to be said about this update, from a non-biased perspective of someone who has played the game on both Xbox and PC. (And I really feel like the game is virtually unplayable on original consoles due to the poor performance, as I sorta did get the game on Steam to get away from the problems the original consoles had while running this game.)
    ...You guys putting ARK on the Epic Games Store was likely the worst thing you could have possibly done... I've been playing the game on Xbox since December 2015 and purchased the game on Steam after getting a new PC in August 2018. I've been supporting the game for that long and while the update that's coming is nice, and Crystal Isles is a high quality mod made by some very good developers now being ported to the game as a vanilla map, I have to ask, if Ragnarok, Valgeuro, etc, already STRUGGLES to run on the original Xbox One and PS4, why is there now an EVEN MORE demanding map that's going to be on console? Ragnarok only runs 30 FPS while you're in the middle of the desert staring at nothing, and that's talking on an Xbox One X, not even talking the original, these maps shouldn't really be on console in particular without some SERIOUS optimization fixes, whereas most people who play ARK on Steam have beefy computers anyways or know about graphical tweaks, so they run just fine. Of course, all platforms need the serious optimization, and while I am grateful for much of the optimization we have been getting, there's a reason ARK on PC is just far superior in virtually every way to ARK on console.
    This is just a little note for all my friends who don't have PCs and therefore play the game on console; Your game is in a terrible state on the original consoles. Maps like Valguero and the events were a good band-aid, but quality always beats out maps and new creatures. You guys at Wildcard need to take a deep look at the state of your game on console (And in many cases PC too, as even that still has some optimization and bug problems), and you guys need to fire the ones who are responsible for turning the console versions into a virtually unplayable 10FPS mess that looks worse than PUBG on console.
    But now on PC there's going to be people infesting the public servers that fill it with more walls than you see in Fortnite. I would assume many of these people who USE the Epic store are people under the age of 16 and think that Fortnite is a legitimate good game... which IMO... it really doesn't live up to all the hype... Not only does making it free on Epic encourage people to download a worse games store, (I'd suggest looking up why the Epic store is so shady, but I won't go into depth since this is an ARK forum.) It also devalues the game for people who are on Steam. Especially if those people on Steam paid full triple-A price for the game.
    It's really nice to see the Tropeo coming to the older maps, but what this game really needs now is some serious TLC for outdated creatures that have been in the game since day one. I'm looking mostly at the Carno, Megalodon, (possibly more aquatic creatures that might just need model updates like the Plesi), and some other just downright underpowered stuff that's been either powercreeped or become irrelevant due to the ever changing meta of this game.
    Of course, that's just a suggestion. If you're going to actually give many of these old dinos any sort of TLC, it has to be balanced towards PVE and PVP. You can't just balance it towards one playerbase and completely screw over the other. Just and example, the Managarmr changes absolutely helped PVP, but now look how much they're used in PVE; almost never.
    Apologies for my bit of a rant, but I just feel like the game is in sort of an odd state right now, especially after what happened with the full release, which left many people's games unplayable on original consoles.

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    2 hours ago, Turr said:

    Way to ruin a event by not giveing a real breeding rates 

    stfu dude. its the 5th birthday and all you can do is point their mistakes? they have done so much good, so much content so many new additions and you cant even be happy for them?

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    Excelente trabajo, solo tengo la duda sobre el evento; se dijo algo sobre unicornios y arcoiris.

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    My Game has yet to update on Xbox. Any reason why it hasn't happened yet. I can wait I am just confused because it said at 11 am.

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    My modded server cluster cannot be joined after having run the update. All players timeout. I was told by my hosting company that all modded unofficial servers have the same problem until Wildcard issues a patch to fix it.


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    9 minutes ago, hawk20011 said:


    jup having the same problem on my pc servers. and on the ps4 servers the servers themselves have received the latest update but the game has not received it yet. so cant play on both of them

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    if this Tropeognathus pos can fly faster, every other flying dino can! and should by now! come on wildcard!

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    Really ark turns 5 and we get a glorified evolution event. I’ve been saving up for a 5x breeding event since valentines 

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    Wish we could get x4 breeding as well! My friend and I stocked up hard for this to be a boosted breeding event and it’s a bit of a let down haha.

    regardless though! Happy birthday ark! Thank you all for your continued work and efforts on this game! It’s truly one of a kind

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    1 hour ago, ChillinVillain said:

    In other words... "Our servers can't handle the game, so you don't get a real event."

    Last time I schedule time off for a WC event.



    Servers have desperately needed an upgrade for a few years now.

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    Seriously, new dino Crystal Isles exclusive on PC but because consoles don't get the map yet, they get the dino on all maps? Why not just put the dino on all maps including Crystal Isles for EVERYBODY? Or did I misunderstand this?

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    So I have a cluster with the mod version of Crystal Isles. Is there a way to KEEP the mod version?  How do I keep the DLC version from overwriting the mod when I update?


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    You misunderstood,  console will be getting the new dino on all maps UNTIL they get Crystal Isles. They don’t want the console community mad because they don’t get a new map, or Dino for another 3 months. And we don’t get it on all maps, just Ragnorak, Val, Island, and scorched.

    Edited by Ferged2024
    Wasn’t complete

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    Wow. Only 2x breeding?! DILO. Should be 5x everything !! And no event colors ?! I am so disappointed.  Please please give us boosted breeding!! I can deal with no event colored dinos... But damn. 

    Also... This was NOT posted 20 hours ago. I checked this page every hours all night last night up until I went to bed 6 hours ago. 

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    My modded server cluster cannot be joined after having run the update. All players timeout. I was told by my hosting company that all modded unofficial servers have the same problem until Wildcard issues a patch to fix it.



    OMG I'm so glad I haven't updated my cluster yet :/


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    BOOST BREEDEING DILO its not event x2? Really ? We have x2 for weeks thats a Joke ?

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