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  • Community Crunch 222: Patch Notes Round-Up, and Eggcellent Adventure

    Patch Notes Round-Up


    Much has happened since our last edition of the Patch Notes Round-Up.  Since then, we've launched Genesis: Part 1 and introduced several improvements and bug fixes that have been circulating in the community.  With close to 300 improvements, changes, and tweaks since the release of Genesis, we figure it might be a good time to summarize them and get you caught up to speed!


     - Completed a full pass on Loot Crates to improve loot variation and quality
     - Unofficials can now use flying creatures by adding the following setting to your GameUserSettings.ini under the [ServerSettings] section: bForceCanRideFliers=True
     - Building is now enabled in mission areas by default on Unofficial Servers (no longer need to use the aforementioned ini to change it)
     - Increased the reliability of repairing glitches
     - Added a debuff to reduce damage to tames, players, structures for a short duration of time after releasing from cryo.
     - Increased the placement radius check for ocean platforms to prevent them from being placed next to enemy foundations/platforms
     - Added an optional visual indicator for the TEK trough radius
     - Added a "Grind All" function added to grinders


     - Basilisks can now be tamed on Fertilized Magmasaur Eggs
     - Magmasaur now requires metal ingots to shoot projectiles
     - Magmasaur projectile speed and gravity adjusted for proper turret targeting in low FPS conditions
     - Ambergris weight now scales by 0.5 in Magmasaur to help with raising babies

    Snow Owl

     - Players recover 50% faster from the frozen state left by the Snow Owl dive
     - Removed the Snow Owl heal effect on enemy players and enemy-tamed creatures (wild creatures are still affected)
     - Snow Owl dive slow has been reduced to 2.5 seconds


     - Pistol Damage versus Tamed Creatures reduced by 30%
     - MEK Rocket Boost (tapping/holding space) should no longer damage tamed creatures or players.
     - Reduce MEK movement speed by 20% when shield is up
     - Sword Damage versus Tamed Creatures and Players reduced by 25%


     - Adjusted Ferox knockback distance for PvE scenarios in which it could move other tribes tames
     - Ferox can no longer be trapped with a bola


     - Reduced the range at which it can grapple an enemy to just slightly below maximum auto turret range (5800 units)
     - Reduced mobility for BloodStalker while over-encumbered
     - Improved the overall feel and appearance when webbed by BloodStalker


     - Polymer weight reduced by 80% when in Pelagornis inventory
     - Increased polymer harvesting by approximately 30%


     - Decreased the maximum damage scale from 12.5x to 8x when charging
     - Increased the time/distance it takes to charge up to max by 20% (so it'll take longer to hit that 8x)
     - Rhinos are now affected by Plant Y crowd control

    Cluster Grenades

     - Cluster fragments if shot by a turret will now detonate all other fragments from the same originating grenade


     - Can now craft the TEK Replicator (TEK Replicator has been removed from Loot Crates in Genesis)

    TEK Suits

     - Increased TEK Suit repair costs by approximately 20%
     - Wearing a full TEK suit will prevent you from being targeted by bees when opening a beehive
     - Capped TEK Suit durability at 1500
     - TEK Suit repair costs now scale with quality


     - Improved the accuracy of HLNA cardinal direction when teleporting
     - HLNA teleportation logic now tries to avoid turrets, non-allied players, and hostile dinos
     - Improved reliability of HLNA teleportation when traveling with tames
     - Improved HLNA performance when crafting a large number of items


     - Improved several visual components of the mission UI (difficulty text, leaderboards, item lists, mission notifications)
     - Increase to timers on various beta and alpha race missions
     - Improved navigation issues on Escort Missions
     - Removed mission requirement for additional players when entering the final boss with a player who has the requirements.
     - Added a HUD notification during the VR Boss fight to indicate you've reached the limit
     - Creatures can no longer attack through the barrier while on Gauntlet missions

    Creatures (Misc)

     - Schools of fish no longer damage rafts and motorboats
     - Prevented itchy from stealing cryopods
     - Parasaurs no longer detect bodies that are not visible or rendered
     - Reduced cloning cost for the Giant Turtle
     - Gachas will no longer auto consume buff soup/food. This means they won't accidentally eat them when they're stored in troughs.
     - Added the ability to use the Reaper tailspin attack while using a gamepad
     - Insect swarms now give chitin instead of hide


     - Increased damage to insect swarms by Beelzebufo to 2.5x
     - Increased damage to insect swarms by Fire to 1.5x
     - Reduced health of insect swarms by 50%
     - Reduced Tek Claw damage against structures
     - Reduced AoE damage on the TEK cruise missile


     - Significantly reduced the frequency and slightly increased the duration of green rain in the bog biome
     - Reduced the number of insect swarms in Bog biome by about 25%
     - Added a cooldown between green rain insect swarm spawns.
     - Reduced the bat spawns in the main volcano within the volcano biome
     - Made several collision improvements for meshes on Aberration


     - Fixed an exploit with Magmasaur
     - Fixed an issue with Dedicated storage locking behavior on PvE (Players could withdraw items when it was "locked")
     - Fixed a bug that allowed building within the boss arena on Valguero
     - Fixed 100+ holes, terrain, and level design issues across various maps
     - Fixed a turret exploit with the Space Whale
     - Fixed multiple cases where the Bloodstalker couldn't swing around Extinction
     - Fixed some configuration issues with the dynamic rates ini on non-standard official servers
     - Fixed an issue with collision on several meshes
     - Fixed several mesh holes in various biomes
     - Fixed several missing notifications on gather, retrieve, basketball, hunt, and escort missions
     - Fixed an exploit that allowed Ferox to clip inside enemy structures
     - Fixed a bug which prevented the Moeder boss fight from initiating correctly
     - Fixed a bug which prevent players from seeing Primitive+ servers
     - Fixed an issue with crafting costs on TEK items
     - Fixed a bug which allowed players to cancel the Spinos' animation and attack twice.
     - Fixed multiple bugs related to locations showing Mission Areas when they weren't supposed to or vice versa
     - Fixed an invulnerability exploit
     - Fixed an invulnerability exploit for ferox
     - Fixed cooldown time for the mindwipe
     - Fixed various server crashes
     - Fixed a crash related to the bog spider
     - Fixed instances where the lunar buff would remain after using a TEK Teleporter
     - Fixed a rare occurrence where Ferox could jump through the mesh or get through the world barrier
     - Fixed a bug where Ferox could jump while over-encumbered
     - Fixed a bug that caused Ferox taming meter to be invisible
     - Fixed several taming effectiveness and taming multiplier bugs with BloodStalker and Giant Turtle
     - Fixed a case where Space Whale could blink behind static meshes
     - Fixed a bug with Ferox that allowed it to stay transformed by forcefeeding
     - Fixed an issue with mindwipes that caused them to have an increased cooldown timer
     - Fixed a bug with Ferox taming methods
     - Fixed an instance in which the BloodStalker's web could remain attached after teleporting with HLNA
     - Fixed a rare occurrence where the Dodo Basketball mission could not be completed after switching languages
     - Fixed several visual bugs with HLNA teleportation
     - Fixed a bug that prevented players using gamepads from using the throw attack on Karkinos
     - Fixed an issue that caused a Follow whistle command when holding 'B' on a gamepad
     - Fixed an occurrence where the mining drill sound would remain playing after mounting a dino
     - Fixed instances with damage scaling while using weapons with projectiles
     - Fixed a rare bug that caused recent mission progress to be lost after a server restart
     - Fixed a bug that caused the Space Whale corpse to disappear after 1 hit
     - Fixed a bug that prevented several Aberration dinos from being downloaded on Genesis
     - Fixed occurrences where Magmasaur could damage structures out of turret range
     - Fixed an exploit with Ferox
     - Fixed several performance-related crashes
     - Fixed an instance where the mining drill could dismount players
     - Fixed occurrences where players could incorrectly get inside of Gauntlet missions
     - Fixed incorrect damage for building in Arctic and Ocean biome
     - Fixed implementation of newly added Genesis configuration settings
     - Fixed an exploit with Ferox
     - Fixed a display bug with the Hexagon Shop
     - Fixed a bug where Pelas and Itchys would fly to xyz coordinates 0 0 0
     - Fixed a bug where players could attack each other with the mining drill
     - Fixed a bug where items may have received an unintended item cap
     - Fixed player emote specific to Portugese language setting
     - Fixed certain languages not finding appropriate directories
     - Fixed several mesh holes
     - Fixed a critical crash
     - Fixed space whale's display name
     - Fixed an issue where rock slides would linger after ending
     - Fixed several visual bugs with Magmasaur
     - Fixed several visual bugs with Space Whale
     - Fixed several bugs with the Ferox taming process
     - Fixed issue where insect swarms could attack through walls
     - Fixed an issue with Megachelon (turtle) taming method
     - Fixed a taming bug with the Bloodstalker
     - Fixed a crash with Extinction's horde crate and element node
     - Fixed some bugs which caused projectiles to not expire on clients
     - Fixed an issue that would prevent players connecting to OC servers
     - Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving the mission buff in specific biomes (Bog/Ocean/Arctic)
     - Fixed the increased damage multiplier in various biomes
     - Fixed an edge case that caused the player to be destroyed when mounting an Equus and equipping its saddle
     - Fixed a visual bug with the Hover Skiff rotation when restarting the server
     - Fixed an instance where players with glide suits weren't being reeled in properly by BloodStalker
     - Fixed a bug where the Giant Turtle could be tamed out of render distance
     - Fixed an instance in which tamed dinos would be launched long distances by avalanches
     - Fixed a visual bug with the Space Whale saddle that caused skins to remain on when the saddle is removed
     - Fixed a bug where Ferox Stats were being rerolled after first time transforming
     - Fixed a damage exploit with Ferox
     - Fixed a rare case where the mining drill could damage the tek sensor
     - Fixed an exploit with cruise missiles that allowed them to bypass turrets
     - Added Deinonychus saddle to the engrams list
     - Added several missing items to the HLNA Hexagon Store
     - Magamasaur no longer takes damage from lava on The Center
     - Ferox should now keep its imprint buff when in large form
     - Teleporting East in the Bog biome will no longer transport the player South East
     - Activation/deactivation settings will now save on the tek alarm
     - Activation/deactivation settings will now save on the pressure plate
     - The lava on The Island in caves and the lava in the Wyvern trench on S.E. will no longer damage Magmasaur
     - Cryopods can be accessed in the HLNA Shop again
     - Made adjustments in areas near the volcano to fix rare instances where eruptions would instantly kill players/dinos
     - Prevented Meks from being deployed in the VR Mission
     - Re-enabled configuration to prevent Reapers from being transferred to Genesis
     - Improved several areas where localization was missing or incorrectly
     - Removed the ability to give birth to Reapers while on Genesis
     - Basketball Missions rewards should now match their intended reward returns
     - Restored Extinction Horde mode data


    Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow

    Don't forget Eggcellent Adventure starts tomorrow and runs until April 21st.  Don't miss out on you opportunity to experience this annual event on PC, Xbox, and PS4!

    Click Here For Event Details



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    Grab yours at the sale price until the 24th of April!


    EVO Event


    There will be no EVO event while Eggcellent Adventure is active.

    Until next time!

    Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
    Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
    Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
    Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
    Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark
    Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110
    Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark

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    Recommended Comments

    Why is it everytime you raptors update poop, you raptor it up! All engrams unlearned back to level one, what the hell did you pieces of poops do? Do you do any testing or just code some poop and say raptor it? Btw on ps4. Haven't checked but the raptoring shadow bug better be fixed assholes. Check that it isnt fixed and I'm not raptoring surprised. Useless asshats! Why make something that people love only to raptor it up to the point they want to stop playing?

    Edited by Bladex723

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    7 hours ago, Pixler said:

    The Mountains on SE are broken I think they have the wrong Texture or Material.
    Would be nice to fix.

    Same issues on the island as well, messed up ground textures, some weird lighting issues on the river between redwoods & volcano where you can see big square blocks where the lighting is different, there's a ton of stuff that looks messed up

    The game is an absolute mess right now, Genesis should never have been released and all they do is keep messing with things and break even more stuff, then instead of doing important fixes they dump this crap on us


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    Ok I get it there are a lot of bugs so you probably won’t get to this for months, but please fix the bug that doesn’t save host/local settings on the PS4 this is a huge problem in the PS4 ark community for those who play single player.

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    I can't transfer out of genesis to any other maps on PC Small tribes can you please fix or update me on the issue.

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    Be happy that you can experience the easter event, im a ps4 gamer and my loading screen keeps getting stuck on primalgamedata_bp. After my ps4 went on safe mode and the only thing i could do was initialise my ps4 and i had to download everything back and i managed to get my saved data back but after downloading ark again, it wont let me play. And i was looking forward to this event. Hope someone could help me out.

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    Was looking forward to playing during the event, but apparently the update ruined the game. I lost all Engram skills and Engram points. I used a cheat code for the first time as a work around- to learn all the engrams. Well the problem is worse than I thought- I tamed a pterodon so I killed a fish - the game won’t let me harvest the meat. The game is completely not playable anymore 

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    Since the event started EU GEN 663 PC has been crshing constantly (its a player intentionally doing it to dupe eggs from new creatures not a server issue) I have reported, tweeted every dev I can think of and no response or actions have been taken so we are all stuck in a groundhog day situation with constant rollbacks and not able to breed or tame anything due to this issue. I love this game and me and my wife have been having fun on Genesis until now, I am losing respect for WC as the complete lack of any form of response is disrespectful and shows that the customer care is non existant atm.
    We are all pretty much trapped indoors atm and having to miss out on the easter event is really getting us down our Magmasaurs were finally grown just before the event started but we cant even use them and have fun with them cause every 5-20 mins server crashes and rolls bk to the most recent save point so you are losing everything you did in that time and you start back off at the same point you were when you logged in the first time. thanks @WildCard for looking after your players that are struggling. @Cedric any chance you can kick someone up the butt for us and get the problem sorted please please please.

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    When will we be able to in pin code them me and an ally tribe just tested this and they can still withdraw while it is locked with no pin code 

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    On 4/6/2020 at 10:41 PM, lmaFrickinBeast said:

    We noticed a massively decreased wild Dino spawn rate on Xbox official genesis pve during the 3.5x as well as up to 60-second lags that added between 30-60 minutes to each 8 hour imprint timer. Hoping some of these changes (that don't appear to be implemented until the eggcellent starts) help with these issues. 

    We have the same issue on our Gen server, ppl say they reduce the dinos due to activity During events but zero dinos is far from a reduction. Don’t get me started in the 4min lag spikes “not from the number of ppl on”

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    today so far our server EU663 has crashed over 30 times LITERALLY. Ping is ALWAYS below 100 but yet just after almost every server save the server crashes and theres under 40 players online minimal big bases on the map not loads of tames in each base not loads of bbys out (we cant raise bbys cause every time server rolls bk the egg tiners obv roll bk with it). my actual time that has passed (registered as passing by the server between rollbacks) is maybe 4hrs instead of 12 like it should have been. And despite loads of people on the server placing reports and tweeting devs for over 36hrs now still not a peep from anyone at WC. Happy easter to you too guys :(

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    Anyone know if we get more element from a boss during that event ?


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    Dear Wild Card team,

    Can you please fix the X-Rock Golem on Genesis offical pvp. We spent a whole day trying for a 145 X Golem and we moved it further from the cave three separate times. We used so much metal and time grinding three different traps and cannons which X Golems take extra to knock. This is completely unfair and enrageing please contact me I would appreciate if a Developer could come to my server and help us out it would be great I've never got help from any of the development team it would be nice if anyone from WildCard could reach out to me it would be a first since game preview but also much appreciated!

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    Does anyone know how to tame the lava Golems in the cave? I am aware cave taming is disabled, I kitted this 1 out of the cave and knocked it three times, each time he wouldn't eat anything that I put in him 

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    Where are colored event dinos there are barely any on Valguero or Genesis.

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    When are you going to do something about [][][][] tribes duping? Going back on forums this is a problem the wildcard team has been aware of for years. Is it really that difficult to just destroy player items that they have equipped to their hotkeys when they transfer to another server? Or figure out some other fix to the problem? Genesis PVE 585 server is virtually unplayable because [][][] tribes are constantly duping all day and night, causing major lag on the server and frequent disconnects/rollbacks. Why are the majority of us legitimate players taking a back seat to cheaters? Wipe them, ban them, make it so that only IP addresses from North America can access the server. Please do something.

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    my server (ark6 offline protection) is down since now 15 hours ... can you guys can fix it please ?


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    WC please fix the Dino event spowns. 
    On my server I go a lot times to ferox cave and is very rare find event ferox or even any ferox. Sometimes not even 1 bear inside cave, it’s empty lol

    Edited by SaraVieira

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    why when i tame event ferox lvl 145, after tame he should have 217 lvl, tribe logs say i tamed 217lvl and he still stay on lvl 145... 

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    Ok so the event....how are we supposed to enjoy it and all your hard work fixing all these bugs/issues when the servers are crashing every hour or so?

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    On 4/7/2020 at 6:59 AM, Ahotdogonasteek said:

    So stop wasting their time so that they can get to other people's tickets that actually need help instead of replying to your useless ones -,-    this is why it takes three weeks to get anything done for them

    Uh.  I paid for that content.

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