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  • ASA Cross-Platform Console Premium Mod Launch!

        ASA Cross-Platform Console Premium Mod Launch!.png


        Download & play new Premium content created by players, including maps, creatures, items, and game modes, now on Xbox and Windows! With nine brand-new mods, ARK: Survival Ascended becomes the first game to bring professionally created Premium Mods to consoles!

        These mods, crafted by game studios and talented community modders, add game-changing content like new game modes and expansive maps. With hundreds of development hours poured in, Premium Mods promise high-quality and regular updates to enhance your ARK experience.

        PlayStation users, look forward to accessing these Premium Mods later this month


        This video features:


        Enclave Survival Skyward.jpg

        A once thriving civilization now lies in toxic ruins. The few survivors have sought refuge in the heights of abandoned buildings, far above the lethal gas and savage beasts. But the heights have their own dangers…

        Enclave: Survival Skyward (ESS) brings a new aspect to ARK - the skies! The jungle is fuller than ever with dangerous animals and treasure, and bases are now built in tall reclaimed skyscrapers. Explore and climb these towers, build a strong base, and travel to other towers using risky ziplines or even parachute down from above!

        ESS brings a greater degree of verticality than ever before. Now, battles and treasures are not just around you, but also above and below. Gather your team, create a sky castle, and protect it from everyone.


        Forglar Premium by Snowytrain.png


        Forglar is a new Fantasy map with a lot of new adventures. Currently, the map is still in progress, but it is fully playable. It is 68% completed. (at 17/11/2024, the map will reach 100% completion.)


        GAIA Potions Plus by GaiaDanny.png


        Unlock a world of personalized alchemy with 52+ consumable potions, all customizable through our in-game admin-settings UI found in the structure radial wheel of the Gaia: Potions Cauldron. This unique feature allows you to tailor every aspect of your potions - effects, durations, strength, speed, and more, to perfectly match your playstyle.


        Reverence by Kelthezuad.png


        Reverence contains towering mountain peaks. Lush plains. Thick jungles and ruins of the old world that remain dotted on the landscape. Potentially even filled with spoils to be had. This Island was left behind, abandoned. With those ruins, caves, Caverns even there is much for you to explore. Above, and below. Now with what knowledge lies before you. Your treasures await, Survivor.


        Survive The Night by Blue Isle Studios.png


        ARK: Survive The Night transforms the ARK gameplay you know and love into a thrilling and terrifying zombie horde survival experience.

        Welcome to the Obsidian Isle; a dark and hostile world where survivors are thrust into a relentless battle for survival against hordes of horrific, zombie dinosaurs. Whether joining forces with others or braving the challenges alone, players must scavenge for resources, build fortifications and craft an arsenal of weapons and supplies to withstand the zombie threat.


        Ark Omega Ascended.png


        Ark Omega Ascended is a mod like no other, providing procedural edits to creatures, players, items, and more. Well over 1000 versions of every creature exist in this mod, with abilities that range from being able to create black holes that pull in enemies to being able to create a protective bubble that redirects all incoming damage done to allies directly to the spell caster / tank.




        GG SkyIslands Premium Mod offers floating island to use as base of operations. The SkyIslands are themed for different environments and scenic to add an immersive and natural feeling to it's existence. SkyIslands come in various sizes up to Epic variety and with multiple biomes. With each new DLC release multiple new SkyIslands or will be added inspired from the new DLC map.


        Svartalfheim by Nekatus.png


        Svartalfheim is a dwarven inspired map for ARK developed by Nekatus, the maker of Valguero and Fjordur. 33km² landscape full of mysteries, new enemys like Dwarven Warriors, new Alpha dino variants with a more and better loot. This is a no fly map. Flyers don't even spawn.


        Anomalocaris by Garuga123.png


        Within the shallows and depths of ARK's Ocean's, Anomalocaris lay in wait for their prey. A master of different hunting tactics, Anomalo utilize many strategies for attacking and debilitating their prey! Whether it's Venom, Mimicry, or Parasitic attacks, Anomalocaris will surely dispose of its' victims with ease! I wonder if there's a way to blend in and approach them?... Tamed Anomalo can invest experience into different hunting tactics. Doing so will boost the nature of these specialties, giving awesome perks and bonuses with higher investment. Increasing any of these perks to their max potential is sure to result in a truly amazing aquatic tame!


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    On 5/24/2024 at 12:16 PM, Brettskii said:

    Im liking where this is going! I really love all these modders coming to ark! I dont see that in the big games anywhere else.

    You don't? 😵 I see modding communities everywhere in the digital video game space these days. 🤔 With video games leaving the hard copy disk format and becoming almost exclusively digital the ability for gamers to mod online hosted games has become the norm. 🤨

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    The new modded Premium maps, are online..they listed how official servers.. i wrong something?

    if i try enter by transfer from obelisk of scorched i cant see modded server listed. But If I start transfer, exit and login, I have all servers listed. If i enter modded official server,  I can take stuff to official scorched map?

    thk for reply

    Edited by AtmosSpin

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    it would be great if more custom cosmetics mods are added, I need medieval wood structures for my official server base

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