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    Given the situation in the US, and the rest of the world right now, we will be rescheduling the ARK in-game celebration until Thursday, June 11. We understand that our community has much anticipated the ARK in-game party and the launch of Crystal Isles, and we're looking forward to sharing all we have prepared for you next week. We felt it would be inappropriate to celebrate milestones during the present time as there are bigger things afoot, and that outweighs any plans we otherwise had. We believe now is the time to be respectful and hear the voices of others.

    Studio Wildcard

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    On 6/9/2020 at 5:51 AM, Lachieball2 said:

    Actually more white people are being killed by police than coloured. If you then want to argue about the percentage of African Americans in population towards crime rate, than that’s a question to ask themselves on why they make up 16% of America’s total population but over 40% of prison population. Although racism is a major thing that needs to be stopped immediately, it has nothing to do with those percentages.

    You are a disgusting, vile little kid, in game and out. This kid spent 2 hours kiting random tames out of a fob that were empty except for some stone, wood, etc. And items from green and white drops. When I logged in I caught him and he recruited 2 of his buddies from fortnite to make new characters and proceeded to harass me in game for another couple hours while I spam killed him and his friends. I looked him up since he has yt in his name and his videos have nothing but downvotes from other people he's griefed. He's like a 15 y/o British racist from fortnite. This communituy is absolutely disgusting because of the frequency of players like this.

    Now, let's talk about America, where I live, and where I understand the culture. Black people are targeted by police to fill our prisons because our prisons are privatized and also government subsidized, making it one of the cheapest ways for the rich to make more money. Systemic racism in most avenues of life have supported the private prison industry ever since MLK walked. Americans are on the brink of eliminating systemic racism from our culture, and I'll be damned if some mouth-breathing brat from across the world has a say. Thanks for moving the celebration in solidarity with black Americans, Wildcard, it means a lot to Americans like myself. 

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    On 6/4/2020 at 1:14 PM, BrokenArkGame said:

    Some of us play because it means something to keep connected and have fun while forgetting the worries of the world dont tell someone to get a life because your here in the forum insulting players that have built and spent years playing this "dude"

    And you think I haven’t spent years on this game? lol. If you have spent years on this game then you know damn well wildcard is going to be wildcard and break or delay an update or dlc.  It’s what they do, it’s what they’ve been doing and it’s what they’ll continue to do. This has been going on for years. Every new map always gets pushed back. lol

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    Perhaps during this (that) time, Wildcard could fix some of the negative issues that surround the game. Issues like the 30 minute client log in time for Primitive Plus, or the current issue of needing to reload the client after a log out from the server. There are a multitude of old issues that should be addressed. The only thing that keeps Wildcard afloat with so many complaints about the game, is the concept of playing in a sandbox world of dinosaurs. I bet if some other game maker picked up the concept Survivors would drop ARK in a heartbeat and go play in a better developed and functioning world. I would aim this @Cedric but I don't think he hears us.

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