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    Ahoy Survivors,

    Jeremy and Jesse here! You might have noticed the announcement today of a new MMO game called ATLAS developed by a sister team of Studio Wildcard, named Grapeshot Games. Jesse and Jeremy together are now leading the development of ATLAS at Grapeshot, while continuing to creatively supervise the direction of ARK. Grapeshot itself is comprised of some original ARK team members as well as many new hires and operates as a separate dedicated dev team. 

    The Wildcard team meanwhile has grown developing ARK and Extinction over the past year, led by Lead Programmer Chris Willoughby and Senior Producer Colin Tennery, and have been doing an excellent job bringing fresh ideas and QoL improvements to the game. As we work together with Chris, Colin, and the rest of the team, Wildcard will continue to support and expand ARK over the years to come bringing new features, fixes, and expansions into the game. Grapeshot meanwhile will grow in a direction oriented towards the operation of the persistent MMO service that ATLAS is, while both games will share technology and infrastructure improvements to complement each other.

    We’d like to thank everybody for their long-standing support, love of ARK, and enthusiasm for survival games, and we look forward to the adventures ahead!

    Keep on surviving,
    Jeremy and Jesse
    Co-Creative Directors of ARK and Co-Founders of Studio Wildcard

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    Are you going to make another map, add new creatures, or just update a map. You guys are the best hope you get something done soon. 


    P.S. Update the maps and add more secret base locations.

    P.S.S. plz update ragnarok its my favorite map of all time.

    images (8).jpeg

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    forgot something

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