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  • ARK Mobile Community Localization Project

    UPDATE 2/11/19: We have temporarily disabled translations on the 9 languages already supported in the game, as we found that users were spending their time on translations which we already have. We will have updated versions of these languages back on the site soon with only new text strings to be translated. Thank you for your patience.


    Hello ARK Mobile Community! 

    Starting today, we have launched a CrowdIn page to allow our community to help us translate the game into 15 additional languages, on top of the 10 languages already supported.

    To thank our community members for their work on this project, the top 3 translators for each language will receive the following;

    Your name in the credits of the game

    500x Ancient Amber

    Exclusive Beta Than You hat skin

    To get started, all you need to do is visit this link and create an account. You will then see a list of all languages we are currently accepting translations for. Click on the language you'd like to translate, then the SurvivalMobileLocalization.xlsx link, and you'll be taken to the CrowdIn Editor where you can start translating strings of text from the game. 

    If you have any questions, please consult the Help section of CrowdIn.com or join the ARK Mobile Discord and speak with a member of the War Drum team.


    1. I see some languages listed that are already translated in the game.

    For languages which are already supported, please only translate text that is currently missing from the live game. You are also welcome to submit corrections for current translations that you believe are wrong. Already supported languages include: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German & Japanese.

    2. What languages are you seeking full translations for?

    In addition to the currently supported languages, we are seeking full translations for the following: Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Hungarian, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian & Vietnamese.

    3. My native language is not listed. Can I get the game translated into my language?

    Currently we are only looking for the languages listed on CrowdIn. These languages were selected based on the popularity of the game in these countries. If this project goes well, we will certainly consider opening up the game to more translations.

    4. When will the prize winners be selected?

    Once a language has reached 100% translation, we will select & contact the winners for each language.

    5. What's up with these weird symbols like ">" and "/" in the text strings?

    Anytime that you see something like "\n" or "<RichColor>", please include this text in your translation and leave it unchanged. This is how our game code identifies things like colored text or references to other items in the game.




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    I'm sorry I saw this topic too late.

    Do you know that PC game actually is translated for all the mentioned languages and translation is done on CrowdIn? And there is a possibility to share TM and merge the translations.

    @WarDrumJordan do you still work on it?

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