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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

ARK Sales!

This announcement is no longer active


For those who've yet to experience the joys of ARK or our expansions, nows your chance to get in! The discounts and sale length may vary (by region, platform and title) so please click here and continue reading for further info.


The ARK season pass and all its expansions are currently on sale in the Xbox Digital Store until 16th of April 2018!

ARK: Season Pass

ARK: Aberration

ARK: Scorched Earth