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Aberration Item Transfers & Fertilized Eggs (Official PC Servers)

This announcement is no longer active


In a PC Patch earlier today, item transfers were enabled on Aberration. This had been a topic of discussion for the community and the development team for quite some time. We had come to the conclusion that item transfers onto Aberration will be permitted on our Official Network. One of our team goals for this year has been working on improvements to our deployment pipelines to ensure things run smoother going forward. Unfortunately, our enthusiasm got the best of us and this change accidentally slipped through the cracks too soon. We apologize for that. Additionally, an unintended mechanic existed which allowed players to bring over fertilized eggs which were not native to the Aberration map. We have redeployed a change which will prevent this in the future by automatically deleting any non-native fertilized eggs which are brought over, as well as destroy any non-native creatures/fertilized eggs that currently exist on Aberration. We understand that this news will come as a disappointment to some, but know that we examined all available options and ultimately decided that this would be the best step to take. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience or loss suffered from this change.

To be clear, any fertilized eggs which are not native to Aberration will be deleted upon transfer. So please do not attempt to transfer your non-native fertilized eggs to Aberration and the item transferring will remain active.

We will be redeploying our Official PC Servers with version 278.66 which will have these changes. Our scheduled deployment is set for 15 minutes from now, at 20:40 EST (03/07).